Thursday, April 29, 2010


Our family will be going through some autoimmune defiency testing over the next couple of weeks. Chris has already been tested since he now has diabetes and there is no family history of type 1. At least I don't know of anyone that does. It is kind of hard to figure that out since I'm adopted. I do know my biological family, but through life situations even they don't know the family medical history.
Yesterday Chris' doctor called to let us know that he tested positive for celiac.
"Celiac disease is an inherited, autoimmune disease in which the lining of the small intestine is damaged from eating gluten and other proteins found in wheat, barley, rye, and possibly oats"-from google.
Quilting: I need to focus on something that is positive. Yesterday morning I made a list of quilts that I want to make. I have a few of my own patterns that I need to get working on. I would like to publish the to just get busy and get a moving! I went as far, yesterday, as gathering fabrics to make each of these quilts...that can be very dangerous and time consuming. I was able to focus and finish quilting and put a binding on a quilt that is a gift for someone.
Time to get moving off line...lots to do today!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

12 Days and counting

We have 12 days until the play! Everyone is gearing up for all the jobs that will need to be done! The bake sale...I need to focus on a little more, I have some ideas but now I need to put them into motion!!
Yesterday was our last day for Meadows co-op. We had beautiful weather! The kids were smart though, they took the tables outside and had their lunch out in the parking lot! The moms stayed inside!! LOL Normally the fellowship area is so loud with everyone in there that you can't even hear yourself think!! LOL I'm going to miss everyone!!
I'm going to host some events at my home over the summer. Movie nights and homeschool mom meetings. I also plan on hosting some sewing days/workshops for the ones that want to learn to sew or finish a project.
Last night we listened to dvd 8 of the Inheritance bible study class. I loved it! AGAIN, she spoke so much truth!! WOW! I would love to be able to use some of what she said on one or two of the youth study lessons!!! Profound profound!!
Well, I don't have much time today to be online, so I must get going.

Friday, April 16, 2010

injuries that are quilt related

Two days ago I noticed that my left index finger was really sore. It had become very red and inflamed! The area right below the fingernail and above the first knuckle. "Hmmm, I thought, what did I do to injure my finger? Is it a bug bite? Did I cut it with my rotary blade? Is it a paper cut?" I asked several people what they thought this was and if I should go see my doctor about it. They all said yes go see your doctor. So I did and as it turns out the bump is a type of cyst that forms when the tendon is over used....hence, putting the binding on a quilt without using pins....I machine bind both sides of the wonder! So the doctor said I have to go have it surgically removed. No rush he said...good....I'll keep sewing and soon start gardening! LOL Seriously though, I will call the hand surgeon and it take care of.
Yesterday my friend Mia stopped by. We talked about school for next in particular! She is going to help with this! I love this idea! I really enjoy Mia and having her around! She is so wonderful and helpful!
Next year's school line up is looking great! So many moms are willing to help with our little co-op! None of us have extremely "strong overbearing" personalities, we are all willing to work together. Some women are like that you know...they make others miserable and you feel as if you have to walk around them on egg when you take your toddler into a china/crystal shop!! Don't touch anything!!
Last night a small group of us went to see Bounty Hunter starring Jennifer Anniston and Gerard...can't remember his last now, darn it....anyway it was a cute movie! My friend Melissa had given me a gift card towards the movies so I used that last night! Thank you Melissa!!
Well, I have some planning to do today. I have about 6 quilts in my head that I need to get on paper so I can get these patterns published.
Oh! I went into one of my most favorite stores "Digs" yesterday. It is a resale shop, not clothing but home decor!!! OH my goodness!! there is a beautiful rattan couch that I am dying to have!!! I want it so bad, but is $500!!! I can't afford that at all. Too many other things that must be paid for such as driver's ed, medical bills, Chris' graduation....all those kind of if it is meant to be then the couch will still be there come June....late June! LOL I'm certain it won't be though.
Oh well, tis life........

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Its April and it is going to be 80degrees today!!

Can you believe it?! It is going to be 80degrees today!! I can't wait! I'm gonna work down in the sewing room this morning then after lunch I will go outside and begin cleaning up some of the flowerbeds. I think we had some dear sleeping in the tall grasses by the patio, they are pretty messed up. Also, I'm going to have the boys bring up the screens for the side porch. It is time to clean up the "passion pit" (my sister Renee dubbed it that name! LOL). I might go pick up some plants for the porch areas, they will be protected there in case we get another frost. You know we can't plant up here until the end of May!
I finished the Dresden plate quilt yesterday and the owner came to pick it up. I thought she told me it was her grandmother's quilt, but it is her mother in-laws quilt. That is all for now....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's Wednesday!

It is Wednesday. I need to get my list together of all that I need to finish today.

Quilt on machine, then bind it, make binding first....
Get next quilt on machine...oh yeah, I must make the backing for it first...and piece some scrap batting to make one big bat for the quilt. Ok, that might take me a much for checking that off the list today!
Need to go to the store and buy stamps, get Steve's driver's ed enrollment in the mail and my rebate too....
Recipe exchange tonight, it desserts or anything goes? I don't remember, darn it!
Laundry must be done today, don't forget to change the sheets! UGH! And someone better do the dishes this morning instead of leaving them all day by the sink! I hate when that

Well, I know I will be working on the longarm machine for quite some time today. So I probably won't finish the quilt today, maybe tomorrow. Oh tomorrow, I need to get on the phone with some ladies, we are having movie night on Thursday. I almost forgot..need to add that to my "to do" list. I also, since I have some errands to do today, would like to go into the local hardware store (home depot) and purchase a can of stain for the kitchen cabinets. I would like to stain the cabinets in May a dark chocolate brown. I also need to repaint the kitchen. I need to focus!
Last night's bible study was great! The things we inherit...your spiritual you know what they are? Not your talents, your gifts, there is a difference.
I'm going to make this short today since I have lots to do. Till tomorrow.....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Cleaning time

Someone needs to clean her sewing room!! LOL My room is a mess! I went down to my sewing room this morning to take pictures of the dresden plate (while it is on the longarm machine) and I noticed how bad my room looks!! I have so many things just laying around the room. Fabric is everywhere! I have projects out that need to be folded up nicely and put back into the pile of UFO's. I need to take the folding tables down and put my cutting tables back in their spot. Speaking of tables, our church is giving away tables, the long wooden top buffet tables. I put my name in the drawing! I hope I get one! I want to rearrange my sewing room so bad!

Yesterday I began sewing around 8:30am. I stopped at around 3:30 in the afternoon. I had to stop for 2 reasons: first I was in some serious pain! My wrist could no longer take driving the longarm machine!!! I might have to wear my wrist brace today to protect it. Second, I had to go prepare a meal for a family at our church, their mother's health is failing. Lord, give the family the strength they need through this time.

Oh, on Sunday afternoon I heard a strange noise outside of my sewing room. I had the window open so I went peer out. The birds were having chirping over something and lo and behold out came a skunk! Mid day! I thought skunks were nocturnal! He just casually walked down our hill and into the neighbor's yard and off to the woods he went! I shut my window really fast in case something startled him and he sprayed!!

Today I am going to attempt to work on the quilt on the machine. We have a mom's meeting for the drama (play), then I have bible study tonight with the ladies! I love this study "The Inheritance" by Beth Moore! I can't wait for tonight's class. I need to get together with Bonnie soon so that we can plan the rest of the year for our women's bible study classes.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I totally forgot!!!

I totally forgot to put pictures up from the high school party! OH my goodness!! LOL The one thing that has stood out in my mind that day was when Conner P. asked me to dance! LOL Here I am 45 years old and this cute young 16 year old boy asks me to swing dance with him....what a sweetie!

This is one thing that I can say about homeschool kids, there is no peer pressure. These kids are so confident in what they do and who they are! I love everyone of them.

And there is one family that I would particularly like to mention: The Lees. I know they are under much pressure right now with all they do for the play. I cannot believe how much time and effort goes into the productions!! It is amazing! And each time when the play gets going there is always "drama" and an overload of stress. We can all rise above this. I truly believe everyone needs to step back and go, "WOW look at what they are doing, and what they have done so far"! I've seen plays put on by community theater and professional theater groups....Laura (the mom), Abby ( Her daughter), Nan (musician and friend) and the men that are building the scenes....This is truly a professional work! Community theater group...does not stand a chance up against what Laura gets out of these kids!!! Hands down she is the best director!! And Abby is following right along in her footsteps. Now, I'm not sure if the other daughter, Esther, is learning the directoring and/or chorography of a play...but how could she not? What a talented family!! And then there is Mr. Lee!! What a man, what a man what a mighty good man! Did you sing it those lyrics? LOL We think Mr. Lee is pretty awesome! I love to hear him tell his stories. Don't tell him, but he reminds me of my Paw-paw. Paw-paw was my only grandfather that had such a way to tell stories! Just warms my heart thinking about him.
I'm going to ask Laura if I can take pictures this week of the practices and post them on my blog. Till later everyone!!

It is mid April already!!

I cannot believe that it is mid April!! The kids have 9 practices and Hell week is here! I have got to get moving on the bake sale. Tomorrow we are having a mom's meeting and I'm hoping I get a moment to start collecting names of ideas of goodies and treats! I also must order Chris's graduation announcements.
Over the weekend I was able to finish Sydney's "Hidden Spools" quilt top, I think she is calling it "Holy Scraps"! I love the quilt. She began piecing one for me and there are enough blocks and fabric left over that I can make my sister one. She will love it! My sister, Renee, does a lot for us for my kids especially. She is a wonderful Aunt to them.
Last night at our church meeting we voted yes for all the new improvements to our building. The great thing about all of this, is that we are paying cash for it! Our church has no mortgage and no outstanding debt! We are doing our improvements in up for it and then pay cash! What a great congregation we have!
Speaking of church, Bonnie and I need to get together to begin planning the summer bible study and fall studies for the women. I need to send her a message so she and I can meet.
This afternoon I have to take a meal out to one of a church family, their mom is fading fast. I plan on making roasted chicken leg quarters with a fresh spinach salad, artisan bread and a dessert. I think I need to provide something else but I am not sure...I will think about it this afternoon. Maybe I can pick up some grapes and strawberries for them.
Yesterday Pastor's message hit a sour note for some. The message was on divorce. This is such a contraversial subject amongst believers. There are so many of us that are divorced and remarried. Pastor did a great job of delivering the message though. I'm so thankful for him.
Well, my day is moving along and I'm not moving along with it fast enough. I must get off the computer.
Till later everyone....I think I might go play with fabric first does not make as much noise if I play with compared to the vacuum cleaner! LOL OH I also want to watch The Princess Bride today, never seen it! One more thought. I had a wonderful conversation with my son Joe yesterday. He gave peace about some things that have been concerning me. He is such a smart kid! I love him!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hidden Spools quilt top

I love this quilt!! My friend, Sydney, made this quilt top for me in exchange for quilting services!! I gave her the fabrics and here is what she made for me! I LOVE IT!! I want to make my sister one!
The other two pictures are quilts that are going on the machine this weekend. The Dresden Plate quilt is from a neighbor whose grandmother began piecing a while back. I've finished piecing the top, now I have to piece the back and quilt it. I will quilt it with traditional feather vines and feather wreaths. The red and cream color quilt is for a relative's b'day. I must get that done soon! Well, Sewing with Nancy is on....must go!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Good morning world....

Good morning world! Yes, the sky is gray, yes it is somewhat rainy and gloomy looking but it is going to be a great day in the Lord! WoooHOOO, LOL.
I'm finding with taking my vitamins each day that I have tons of energy, but I am also very hungry! Hungry all day long! this is not good!
One of the lessons from our recent bible study was about listening to what you are called to do. So many of us try to do too much that we miss what we are really supposed to be doing. You should not be so busy that you are not ignoring God, not developing and maintaining your relationship with HIM.
Romans 12:2 always comes to mind. It is about not conforming to the world (being busy -to apply it to today's thoughts) but be transformed by the renewing of your mind (be in God's word!) that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.
Romans 8:28 all things work together for to those who love God, for those who are called according to His purpose. The Inheritance study lesson 6 was about accepting what your past is, owning, asking the Lord to sanctify it...own it! Make it a part of your testimony, show you have grown because the Lord knows what he is doing when you must go through things. There are reasons for it all. The "great promise of God will overrule and work even through the tragedies caused by sin's presence in the world to accomplish His purposes in the lives of those who love Him and who have responded to His call."(commentary from Women's Study Bible)
So what are we doing to keep our relationship on going with Christ? Are you wailing in self pity? NO? Yes? Are you looking forward to each day trying to find positive things to say and think..and well Do?
Thank you Lord my husband and my family! Thank you Lord for my church! I love the people there!
Till tomorrow....Oh I need to go play with some fabric! Two more quilts came in for me to work on!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Life Experiences

Have you ever asked yourself why you are having to go through this or that? (oh this ink color is bright! LOL) Last night we watched dvd 6 of the Beth Moore "The Inheritance" study, oh my goodness was it ever amazing! In our workbook we had to fill in a chart. At the top of the chart (rectangle) was "intimacy with God", then counter clockwise was our past. In order to answer my question in the first should do the study!
Our past, you have to own your past. You have to come to grips with it. You can't blame anyone for it, you have to own and not dwell on it "poor pitiful me". Everyone, absolutely everyone has a past and no one can truly escape their past. You must own it and respect it. You must over come it with a healthy attitude. You must ask God to sanctify your past, come before him with humility. If you don't the "enemy" will own your past and continue to bring up to the surface....all you will ever think about is poor pitiful me. Look how my life is, look how miserable I does the enemy ever have you in his grip!
There is a reason for painful times, failures...difficult things you must endure. As Beth Moore said in her study "Jesus knows it is scarey to be us". He knows and sees what we have gone through and what we are going to go through.
There is a person who I thought about last night during this study, yes, the study related to my own life and yes I can apply some things to myself. But this person would not leave my mind. This person lives in self pity. She hates her life, tries to say she has a medical problem...I actually don't believe it. I know that sounds truly harsh to say, but this person is just not happy with the decisions that she has made in her life and so is blaming everyone else. Take responsibility for what you have done, make the best of your situation and get out of the pity party. Get out of the house for crying out loud! Go be with people! Every time someone offers a solution she has a reason why she can't do this and can't do that..oh please, get over yourself and get moving! LOL
I often wonder why people allow things to happen and they just love to stay in the low, and not on the high? What makes them like being sad and miserable. Don't give me excuses, change the situation, change your attitude...God gave all of us the ability to be do it.
I truly believe that what we go through will and should be a part of your testimony. God will let you know when you need to reveal and how much you need to reveal of a situation. I've often noted that when some people give their testimony they don't "tell all" from the situation, they only reveal small portions of it. This is actually very good. Some people are very visual and they will visualize too much. Some people like to just talk, well then we get into the whole thing of must watch what you share.
Man have I gone off on a tangent today, LOL...I need to focus!
So, how do we own our past? how do we own our life experiences? What about our spiritual gifts? Intimacy with God is the answer to all. Don't be embarrassed or ashamed, just turn it all over to God, don't pick it back up or only give a little bit over to Him....ALL!
No, I don't have all the answers, but I'm learning and I still have a long way to go!
Oh, last night before we began watching the study I was telling the other ladies that I feel a huge burden off of my shoulders. I have been able to check things off my list huge to do list! It feels absolutely wonderful to begin checking things off!!! One of the ladies in the study reminded us that we are to focus on our marriage, then our children at this point in our lives. The time will come when we can volunteer for other responsibilities. She is absolutely correct!
Beth Moore's prayer was perfect last night, perfect for me...."I want to be faithful to you Lord, return it back to You with full interest. Thank you Lord for the courage and the strength You give us to get through our day!"
Now, quilting: I dreamed of making another lone star quilt last night and someone tried to take it from me !! LOL that was a nightmare! LOL I did finally decide that it is time to get moving on all those quilt tops that I have finished and NOT quilted! I have a longarm for crying out loud! Get moving girl!! LOL Well, I must go eat breakfast and get ready to attack my day! Thank you Lord for all you have blessed me with !! Thank you for the green grass! yes, I really mean that! I'm so excited that winter is behind us and spring is here! Thank you for my family. I love my boys!! and I miss my Kate! And oh How I love my husband! He is such a wonderful man!

Till later.....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Counting down the days....

I am counting down the days till the play and the end of the school year! I can't wait!
Easter Sunday I finished Dr. Erik's quilt (he is giving the quilt to his mom for her b'day). I hope she likes it! Actually, I hope she loves it! I also began working on Blackford's Beauty over the weekend but ran into trouble. I decided the quilt needed to have the dark brown fabric for the sashing strips and one of the greens for the corner stones. Except...I had no more brown fabric! This was a quilter's emergency! I had to make a run to the quilt shop and just hope and pray they had my fabric!! Well, they had none left on the bolt because this is an old fabric...old as in 2 yrs old....what is a quilter to do? The shop owner, Carolyn, helped me try to find another brown fabric but there was nothing that was the same shade of brown...I know you are thinking "who cares, just buy any brown!" NO CAN DO! finally I looked in the fat quarters' container and lo and behold there were 4 fat quarters of the fabric!! Sally and Carol (employee of shop and the Carolyn's husband) did the math for me and said Yes I could get all my sashing out of these 4 fat quarters....AWESOME!! (See pictures of quilt on the wall)
Now, it did me no good to tell myself that I was only going to purchase that fabric and then leave the store! That never happens!! I'm so weak when I go in there!! Sure as the world there was some beautiful fabric right behind the cutting cabinet just calling to me "Nancy, bring me home with love me you know you do....." oh dang it! Ok, give me 3 yards of that one and 2 yards of this one...oh alright and a yard of that one. Sheesh!! Got home with all my choices, new ones in particular and found that I have a couple of other fabrics that are in the same color wave and they will look beautiful! Who would have "thunk" it! LOL
Anyway, Dr. Erik has his mom's b'day present now. I need to go take a picture of the quilt...I totally forgot to do that. Bummer! I will go up to his office on Wednesday and do so.
Yesterday we had the middle school class IEW party. One kid really gets on my nerves because he whines and complains way too much! Needless to say he sometimes brings other kids down with him. I don't care for that at all. I had a wonderful time sitting and chit chatting with the moms!
Tonight is Bible study night with some ladies from church. We are watching the dvd study from Beth Moore titled "The Inheritance". It is fantastic!! Once I finish this study I have to begin preparing for the youth (girls only) teen study that will be over the summer.

Well that is all for now, time to get moving. We have Meadows co-op today and play practice.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A new day

A new day is at hand and I'm in a fantastic mood. Yesterday we had a wonderful party for the high school class. I love these kids! They are so wonderful!! They literally danced the afternoon away! I'm not sure which teen had the idea to dance, but they all joined in and had a wonderful time.
We have a back porch that is not seen by others and that is where the teens decided would be a great area to have the dancing. All the kids were "swing" dancing, not anything complicated, just basic steps. None the less they were having a blast! A couple of the boys asked me to come join them. How many teens actually do that? Most public schooled kids would dare not include parents in their fun, but home schooled kids....they are taught and understand that adults are not your enemy, they are not stupid and ridiculous. Again, I love these kids!
Last night at praise team practice I tried to sing, but my bronchitis is getting the best of me. It just hurt to much so I left practice. This Friday night our church is hosting a Tenebrae service. The choir will be singing, the band will be playing and we have an orchestra now! But I think I will not be singing. My voice is just not there. I'm bummed but at the same time, relieved.
I have a list of things that are big accomplishments or activities and things are being checked off daily!! This is a wonderful feeling! I'm excited that spring is here and summer is coming and my schedule is clearing!! I have so much that I want to do and I have over committed myself to other activities. I want to enjoy this summer.
Speaking of summer: I have so much planned with gardening and house repair!! First thing I need to do is clean out all of the flower beds. Then somehow someway get rid of all the white rocks in 2 flower beds! I can't stand the rock. The beds have some old tree and bush trunks that must be taken out. The rocks need to go also. They get in the way of planting perennials. Hopefully today I will remember to call Miss dig to come mark the lines in the yard.
I have jobs (rooms) that need to be cleaned and painted. I have to finish Chris's bathroom, bedroom and then paint Steve's ceiling. All the bedrooms need ceiling fans with overhead lights. None of the bedrooms have ceiling lights! I don't understnd this, why would someone ever build a house with no ceiling lights???? This just baffles me!
Well if I begin listing all the needs to be done inside and outside of our home I will overwhelm myself. So I am going to stop here. I should make a list, but I will overwhelm myself, get discourage and well...walk away and absolutely nothing will get done! LOL I will end up wanting to leave the house and go shopping...hmmm now there is an