Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Cleaning time

Someone needs to clean her sewing room!! LOL My room is a mess! I went down to my sewing room this morning to take pictures of the dresden plate (while it is on the longarm machine) and I noticed how bad my room looks!! I have so many things just laying around the room. Fabric is everywhere! I have projects out that need to be folded up nicely and put back into the pile of UFO's. I need to take the folding tables down and put my cutting tables back in their spot. Speaking of tables, our church is giving away tables, the long wooden top buffet tables. I put my name in the drawing! I hope I get one! I want to rearrange my sewing room so bad!

Yesterday I began sewing around 8:30am. I stopped at around 3:30 in the afternoon. I had to stop for 2 reasons: first I was in some serious pain! My wrist could no longer take driving the longarm machine!!! I might have to wear my wrist brace today to protect it. Second, I had to go prepare a meal for a family at our church, their mother's health is failing. Lord, give the family the strength they need through this time.

Oh, on Sunday afternoon I heard a strange noise outside of my sewing room. I had the window open so I went peer out. The birds were having chirping over something and lo and behold out came a skunk! Mid day! I thought skunks were nocturnal! He just casually walked down our hill and into the neighbor's yard and off to the woods he went! I shut my window really fast in case something startled him and he sprayed!!

Today I am going to attempt to work on the quilt on the machine. We have a mom's meeting for the drama (play), then I have bible study tonight with the ladies! I love this study "The Inheritance" by Beth Moore! I can't wait for tonight's class. I need to get together with Bonnie soon so that we can plan the rest of the year for our women's bible study classes.

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