Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Counting down the days....

I am counting down the days till the play and the end of the school year! I can't wait!
Easter Sunday I finished Dr. Erik's quilt (he is giving the quilt to his mom for her b'day). I hope she likes it! Actually, I hope she loves it! I also began working on Blackford's Beauty over the weekend but ran into trouble. I decided the quilt needed to have the dark brown fabric for the sashing strips and one of the greens for the corner stones. Except...I had no more brown fabric! This was a quilter's emergency! I had to make a run to the quilt shop and just hope and pray they had my fabric!! Well, they had none left on the bolt because this is an old fabric...old as in 2 yrs old....what is a quilter to do? The shop owner, Carolyn, helped me try to find another brown fabric but there was nothing that was the same shade of brown...I know you are thinking "who cares, just buy any brown!" NO CAN DO! finally I looked in the fat quarters' container and lo and behold there were 4 fat quarters of the fabric!! Sally and Carol (employee of shop and the Carolyn's husband) did the math for me and said Yes I could get all my sashing out of these 4 fat quarters....AWESOME!! (See pictures of quilt on the wall)
Now, it did me no good to tell myself that I was only going to purchase that fabric and then leave the store! That never happens!! I'm so weak when I go in there!! Sure as the world there was some beautiful fabric right behind the cutting cabinet just calling to me "Nancy, bring me home with you...you love me you know you do....." oh dang it! Ok, give me 3 yards of that one and 2 yards of this one...oh alright and a yard of that one. Sheesh!! Got home with all my choices, new ones in particular and found that I have a couple of other fabrics that are in the same color wave and they will look beautiful! Who would have "thunk" it! LOL
Anyway, Dr. Erik has his mom's b'day present now. I need to go take a picture of the quilt...I totally forgot to do that. Bummer! I will go up to his office on Wednesday and do so.
Yesterday we had the middle school class IEW party. One kid really gets on my nerves because he whines and complains way too much! Needless to say he sometimes brings other kids down with him. I don't care for that at all. I had a wonderful time sitting and chit chatting with the moms!
Tonight is Bible study night with some ladies from church. We are watching the dvd study from Beth Moore titled "The Inheritance". It is fantastic!! Once I finish this study I have to begin preparing for the youth (girls only) teen study that will be over the summer.

Well that is all for now, time to get moving. We have Meadows co-op today and play practice.


  1. Hi, you are on my list of quilting blogs that I read and had to comment when you said you were doing the Beth Moore study on Inheritance. We just did this a few months ago and I have to tell you, it was the most amazing Bible study I have ever done. For one thing, I was in the midst of a very difficult time spiritually and her study really kept me going, striving for God's best.
    I'll be following your blog from now on, (BTW, your quilts are beautiful too. )

  2. Thank you for the compliments on my quilts! I have to agree with you on the bible study The Inheritance! I love it and man can Beth deliver the message beautifully. She really makes me think and search!
    Have a wonderful day!!