Monday, April 12, 2010

I totally forgot!!!

I totally forgot to put pictures up from the high school party! OH my goodness!! LOL The one thing that has stood out in my mind that day was when Conner P. asked me to dance! LOL Here I am 45 years old and this cute young 16 year old boy asks me to swing dance with him....what a sweetie!

This is one thing that I can say about homeschool kids, there is no peer pressure. These kids are so confident in what they do and who they are! I love everyone of them.

And there is one family that I would particularly like to mention: The Lees. I know they are under much pressure right now with all they do for the play. I cannot believe how much time and effort goes into the productions!! It is amazing! And each time when the play gets going there is always "drama" and an overload of stress. We can all rise above this. I truly believe everyone needs to step back and go, "WOW look at what they are doing, and what they have done so far"! I've seen plays put on by community theater and professional theater groups....Laura (the mom), Abby ( Her daughter), Nan (musician and friend) and the men that are building the scenes....This is truly a professional work! Community theater group...does not stand a chance up against what Laura gets out of these kids!!! Hands down she is the best director!! And Abby is following right along in her footsteps. Now, I'm not sure if the other daughter, Esther, is learning the directoring and/or chorography of a play...but how could she not? What a talented family!! And then there is Mr. Lee!! What a man, what a man what a mighty good man! Did you sing it those lyrics? LOL We think Mr. Lee is pretty awesome! I love to hear him tell his stories. Don't tell him, but he reminds me of my Paw-paw. Paw-paw was my only grandfather that had such a way to tell stories! Just warms my heart thinking about him.
I'm going to ask Laura if I can take pictures this week of the practices and post them on my blog. Till later everyone!!

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