Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Life Experiences

Have you ever asked yourself why you are having to go through this or that? (oh this ink color is bright! LOL) Last night we watched dvd 6 of the Beth Moore "The Inheritance" study, oh my goodness was it ever amazing! In our workbook we had to fill in a chart. At the top of the chart (rectangle) was "intimacy with God", then counter clockwise was our past. In order to answer my question in the first should do the study!
Our past, you have to own your past. You have to come to grips with it. You can't blame anyone for it, you have to own and not dwell on it "poor pitiful me". Everyone, absolutely everyone has a past and no one can truly escape their past. You must own it and respect it. You must over come it with a healthy attitude. You must ask God to sanctify your past, come before him with humility. If you don't the "enemy" will own your past and continue to bring up to the surface....all you will ever think about is poor pitiful me. Look how my life is, look how miserable I does the enemy ever have you in his grip!
There is a reason for painful times, failures...difficult things you must endure. As Beth Moore said in her study "Jesus knows it is scarey to be us". He knows and sees what we have gone through and what we are going to go through.
There is a person who I thought about last night during this study, yes, the study related to my own life and yes I can apply some things to myself. But this person would not leave my mind. This person lives in self pity. She hates her life, tries to say she has a medical problem...I actually don't believe it. I know that sounds truly harsh to say, but this person is just not happy with the decisions that she has made in her life and so is blaming everyone else. Take responsibility for what you have done, make the best of your situation and get out of the pity party. Get out of the house for crying out loud! Go be with people! Every time someone offers a solution she has a reason why she can't do this and can't do that..oh please, get over yourself and get moving! LOL
I often wonder why people allow things to happen and they just love to stay in the low, and not on the high? What makes them like being sad and miserable. Don't give me excuses, change the situation, change your attitude...God gave all of us the ability to be do it.
I truly believe that what we go through will and should be a part of your testimony. God will let you know when you need to reveal and how much you need to reveal of a situation. I've often noted that when some people give their testimony they don't "tell all" from the situation, they only reveal small portions of it. This is actually very good. Some people are very visual and they will visualize too much. Some people like to just talk, well then we get into the whole thing of must watch what you share.
Man have I gone off on a tangent today, LOL...I need to focus!
So, how do we own our past? how do we own our life experiences? What about our spiritual gifts? Intimacy with God is the answer to all. Don't be embarrassed or ashamed, just turn it all over to God, don't pick it back up or only give a little bit over to Him....ALL!
No, I don't have all the answers, but I'm learning and I still have a long way to go!
Oh, last night before we began watching the study I was telling the other ladies that I feel a huge burden off of my shoulders. I have been able to check things off my list huge to do list! It feels absolutely wonderful to begin checking things off!!! One of the ladies in the study reminded us that we are to focus on our marriage, then our children at this point in our lives. The time will come when we can volunteer for other responsibilities. She is absolutely correct!
Beth Moore's prayer was perfect last night, perfect for me...."I want to be faithful to you Lord, return it back to You with full interest. Thank you Lord for the courage and the strength You give us to get through our day!"
Now, quilting: I dreamed of making another lone star quilt last night and someone tried to take it from me !! LOL that was a nightmare! LOL I did finally decide that it is time to get moving on all those quilt tops that I have finished and NOT quilted! I have a longarm for crying out loud! Get moving girl!! LOL Well, I must go eat breakfast and get ready to attack my day! Thank you Lord for all you have blessed me with !! Thank you for the green grass! yes, I really mean that! I'm so excited that winter is behind us and spring is here! Thank you for my family. I love my boys!! and I miss my Kate! And oh How I love my husband! He is such a wonderful man!

Till later.....

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