Thursday, April 1, 2010

A new day

A new day is at hand and I'm in a fantastic mood. Yesterday we had a wonderful party for the high school class. I love these kids! They are so wonderful!! They literally danced the afternoon away! I'm not sure which teen had the idea to dance, but they all joined in and had a wonderful time.
We have a back porch that is not seen by others and that is where the teens decided would be a great area to have the dancing. All the kids were "swing" dancing, not anything complicated, just basic steps. None the less they were having a blast! A couple of the boys asked me to come join them. How many teens actually do that? Most public schooled kids would dare not include parents in their fun, but home schooled kids....they are taught and understand that adults are not your enemy, they are not stupid and ridiculous. Again, I love these kids!
Last night at praise team practice I tried to sing, but my bronchitis is getting the best of me. It just hurt to much so I left practice. This Friday night our church is hosting a Tenebrae service. The choir will be singing, the band will be playing and we have an orchestra now! But I think I will not be singing. My voice is just not there. I'm bummed but at the same time, relieved.
I have a list of things that are big accomplishments or activities and things are being checked off daily!! This is a wonderful feeling! I'm excited that spring is here and summer is coming and my schedule is clearing!! I have so much that I want to do and I have over committed myself to other activities. I want to enjoy this summer.
Speaking of summer: I have so much planned with gardening and house repair!! First thing I need to do is clean out all of the flower beds. Then somehow someway get rid of all the white rocks in 2 flower beds! I can't stand the rock. The beds have some old tree and bush trunks that must be taken out. The rocks need to go also. They get in the way of planting perennials. Hopefully today I will remember to call Miss dig to come mark the lines in the yard.
I have jobs (rooms) that need to be cleaned and painted. I have to finish Chris's bathroom, bedroom and then paint Steve's ceiling. All the bedrooms need ceiling fans with overhead lights. None of the bedrooms have ceiling lights! I don't understnd this, why would someone ever build a house with no ceiling lights???? This just baffles me!
Well if I begin listing all the needs to be done inside and outside of our home I will overwhelm myself. So I am going to stop here. I should make a list, but I will overwhelm myself, get discourage and well...walk away and absolutely nothing will get done! LOL I will end up wanting to leave the house and go shopping...hmmm now there is an

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