Monday, April 12, 2010

It is mid April already!!

I cannot believe that it is mid April!! The kids have 9 practices and Hell week is here! I have got to get moving on the bake sale. Tomorrow we are having a mom's meeting and I'm hoping I get a moment to start collecting names of ideas of goodies and treats! I also must order Chris's graduation announcements.
Over the weekend I was able to finish Sydney's "Hidden Spools" quilt top, I think she is calling it "Holy Scraps"! I love the quilt. She began piecing one for me and there are enough blocks and fabric left over that I can make my sister one. She will love it! My sister, Renee, does a lot for us for my kids especially. She is a wonderful Aunt to them.
Last night at our church meeting we voted yes for all the new improvements to our building. The great thing about all of this, is that we are paying cash for it! Our church has no mortgage and no outstanding debt! We are doing our improvements in up for it and then pay cash! What a great congregation we have!
Speaking of church, Bonnie and I need to get together to begin planning the summer bible study and fall studies for the women. I need to send her a message so she and I can meet.
This afternoon I have to take a meal out to one of a church family, their mom is fading fast. I plan on making roasted chicken leg quarters with a fresh spinach salad, artisan bread and a dessert. I think I need to provide something else but I am not sure...I will think about it this afternoon. Maybe I can pick up some grapes and strawberries for them.
Yesterday Pastor's message hit a sour note for some. The message was on divorce. This is such a contraversial subject amongst believers. There are so many of us that are divorced and remarried. Pastor did a great job of delivering the message though. I'm so thankful for him.
Well, my day is moving along and I'm not moving along with it fast enough. I must get off the computer.
Till later everyone....I think I might go play with fabric first does not make as much noise if I play with compared to the vacuum cleaner! LOL OH I also want to watch The Princess Bride today, never seen it! One more thought. I had a wonderful conversation with my son Joe yesterday. He gave peace about some things that have been concerning me. He is such a smart kid! I love him!

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