Thursday, April 15, 2010

Its April and it is going to be 80degrees today!!

Can you believe it?! It is going to be 80degrees today!! I can't wait! I'm gonna work down in the sewing room this morning then after lunch I will go outside and begin cleaning up some of the flowerbeds. I think we had some dear sleeping in the tall grasses by the patio, they are pretty messed up. Also, I'm going to have the boys bring up the screens for the side porch. It is time to clean up the "passion pit" (my sister Renee dubbed it that name! LOL). I might go pick up some plants for the porch areas, they will be protected there in case we get another frost. You know we can't plant up here until the end of May!
I finished the Dresden plate quilt yesterday and the owner came to pick it up. I thought she told me it was her grandmother's quilt, but it is her mother in-laws quilt. That is all for now....

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