Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's Wednesday!

It is Wednesday. I need to get my list together of all that I need to finish today.

Quilt on machine, then bind it, make binding first....
Get next quilt on machine...oh yeah, I must make the backing for it first...and piece some scrap batting to make one big bat for the quilt. Ok, that might take me a much for checking that off the list today!
Need to go to the store and buy stamps, get Steve's driver's ed enrollment in the mail and my rebate too....
Recipe exchange tonight, it desserts or anything goes? I don't remember, darn it!
Laundry must be done today, don't forget to change the sheets! UGH! And someone better do the dishes this morning instead of leaving them all day by the sink! I hate when that

Well, I know I will be working on the longarm machine for quite some time today. So I probably won't finish the quilt today, maybe tomorrow. Oh tomorrow, I need to get on the phone with some ladies, we are having movie night on Thursday. I almost forgot..need to add that to my "to do" list. I also, since I have some errands to do today, would like to go into the local hardware store (home depot) and purchase a can of stain for the kitchen cabinets. I would like to stain the cabinets in May a dark chocolate brown. I also need to repaint the kitchen. I need to focus!
Last night's bible study was great! The things we inherit...your spiritual you know what they are? Not your talents, your gifts, there is a difference.
I'm going to make this short today since I have lots to do. Till tomorrow.....

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