Friday, April 16, 2010

injuries that are quilt related

Two days ago I noticed that my left index finger was really sore. It had become very red and inflamed! The area right below the fingernail and above the first knuckle. "Hmmm, I thought, what did I do to injure my finger? Is it a bug bite? Did I cut it with my rotary blade? Is it a paper cut?" I asked several people what they thought this was and if I should go see my doctor about it. They all said yes go see your doctor. So I did and as it turns out the bump is a type of cyst that forms when the tendon is over used....hence, putting the binding on a quilt without using pins....I machine bind both sides of the wonder! So the doctor said I have to go have it surgically removed. No rush he said...good....I'll keep sewing and soon start gardening! LOL Seriously though, I will call the hand surgeon and it take care of.
Yesterday my friend Mia stopped by. We talked about school for next in particular! She is going to help with this! I love this idea! I really enjoy Mia and having her around! She is so wonderful and helpful!
Next year's school line up is looking great! So many moms are willing to help with our little co-op! None of us have extremely "strong overbearing" personalities, we are all willing to work together. Some women are like that you know...they make others miserable and you feel as if you have to walk around them on egg when you take your toddler into a china/crystal shop!! Don't touch anything!!
Last night a small group of us went to see Bounty Hunter starring Jennifer Anniston and Gerard...can't remember his last now, darn it....anyway it was a cute movie! My friend Melissa had given me a gift card towards the movies so I used that last night! Thank you Melissa!!
Well, I have some planning to do today. I have about 6 quilts in my head that I need to get on paper so I can get these patterns published.
Oh! I went into one of my most favorite stores "Digs" yesterday. It is a resale shop, not clothing but home decor!!! OH my goodness!! there is a beautiful rattan couch that I am dying to have!!! I want it so bad, but is $500!!! I can't afford that at all. Too many other things that must be paid for such as driver's ed, medical bills, Chris' graduation....all those kind of if it is meant to be then the couch will still be there come June....late June! LOL I'm certain it won't be though.
Oh well, tis life........

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