Thursday, April 29, 2010


Our family will be going through some autoimmune defiency testing over the next couple of weeks. Chris has already been tested since he now has diabetes and there is no family history of type 1. At least I don't know of anyone that does. It is kind of hard to figure that out since I'm adopted. I do know my biological family, but through life situations even they don't know the family medical history.
Yesterday Chris' doctor called to let us know that he tested positive for celiac.
"Celiac disease is an inherited, autoimmune disease in which the lining of the small intestine is damaged from eating gluten and other proteins found in wheat, barley, rye, and possibly oats"-from google.
Quilting: I need to focus on something that is positive. Yesterday morning I made a list of quilts that I want to make. I have a few of my own patterns that I need to get working on. I would like to publish the to just get busy and get a moving! I went as far, yesterday, as gathering fabrics to make each of these quilts...that can be very dangerous and time consuming. I was able to focus and finish quilting and put a binding on a quilt that is a gift for someone.
Time to get moving off line...lots to do today!


  1. Is Chris your son? I can't remember your boys names, heck I forget my own daughter's name once in a while...and I only have one! Thinking of you today!

  2. Diana-if my memory serves me correct, Chris is son #2. HTH

    Will be praying for you all Nancy!

  3. THanks to both of you. Yes, Chris is son #2. Yes, he tested for positive for celiac but shows no signs of it. Now Steve on the other hand has been put on a gluten free and diary free diet oh yeah can't forget no caffein either. We are still waiting on a diagnosis for him.....Thank you for your prayers!

  4. Hey Nancy-Steven has driver's ed with Cassie! LOL. I told him tell you hello for me, but I am thinking he may have forgotten!

    We (my pal Leah and I) have a new ministry the that we are starting and if you can help spread the word, that would be great. Our web is
    We have our first meeting in June-our goal it to have speakers talk about various HS related topics, so that other hsing parents can benefit. We'll be doing the first 2 months til we grow enough to get some other folks to chat about what they know. Well, anyhoo-take a look and please (if ya don't mind) spread the word. This is a ministry, so we are not making any $ off of it and the only fees are a small entry fee to help pay for handouts/paper products and a dish (snack type) to pass.

    I hope you don't lose your marbles this week! LOL and I would love to come, but not sure if I can with my schedule. Are there any tickets left?