Friday, November 30, 2012

just found this quilt...

I just found this quilt design in my files!! I don't remember when I designed it, but I really like it and want to make it. What do you think?
This is definitely a scrap quilt!! 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Catching up

playing with camera features...maybe I should have smiled?
Hello everyone, I have been playing catch up and I am just about there!! Here are some pics so that you can have a slight glimpse to what I have been up to!!!
extra blocks for a special project

My new gel fingernails!! This is new for me!!

flowered hibiscus wreath 

playing with YLI thread on my gammill

Thursday, November 15, 2012


I have 2 full days left to finish the quilt I am piecing for quilter's world magazine. The quilt is gorgeous!! I can't show pictures yet, you can see pictures next summer ;o(   (I need to go find some little expression faces for my posts).
On day 3 I'm heading to Charlotte, NC. My sister and I are going to be going to the Southern Christmas Show on Sunday. On Monday I will be touring YLI Thread Corp, going to lunch with an ol' high school friend, then that night a group of us will be going to a friend's restaurant Grumpy Brothers for a fun gathering!
On Tuesday, I will be going to lunch with another friend and then flying home. I think I'm gonna be tired!! I would like to see if after lunch my sister and I could head up to a quilt shop in Charlotte.
Once I return home it will be a day of preparing food for Thanksgiving!! Wow! I'm suppose to have some downtime...but I can't seem to fit it in. On Friday, the day after...the ever famous Black Friday...I will NOT be shopping! I will be sewing a quilt for Quilty magazine. Not my design, they just need one for their magazine to fill a need.
Great news!! I got another quilt accepted with F&P! Don't know which issue or what it will be going in, I will know later when I receive my contract. I'm also waiting to find out from Quiltmaker if my block was accepted in their vol 7 of 100 Blocks...I'm not expecting it to though...don't know why, just have a feeling...but that is ok. I'm also waiting to hear if one of the designs I sent to Quilter's World will be accepted. I enjoy the piecing of all these quilts!! It does get somewhat hectic, BUT guess who starts and finishes the project?!! That would be me!
Happenings at the Village Quilt Shoppe: Today, my friend Dawn is teaching her Bargello table runner. This quilt is beautiful!!
Friday, is Potluck Sit and Sew night!! It only costs $5, bring a dish to share and any project you wish to work on. We have staff on hand to help you with your project. Great people, food and a wonderful time! And if you have show and tell Bring it!! And well Show and Tell...or Show it Off!

Well everyone, please drop me a line! I'm still trying to grow my numbers on my blog so that I can begin my book giveaways and other goodies!!! I will be advertising products, classes and such for Annie's so click on the links when you see them. Annie's offers classes and I will looking for great deals to share with you!

Happy Sewing....

Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday, Mystery Night at the ....

It is Mystery Night at the local quilt shop "The Village Quilt Shoppe" in Lake Orion, Michigan. I'm excited about tonight's Mystery Night. We have 18 signed up for mystery. I think it is going to be a blast!! All the ladies that attend are wonderful!
Today though, I have to be at the shop for teaching. I'm teaching the Blooming 9patch!!! Here is my digital image of my quilt...I'm still making mine!!!! I have all the rows sewn, now to attach them to make the body of the quilt. I want to add one more dimension to the quilt....I have to do redesign the borders, when I do I will post a picture of the final project.

Till later everyone!!

Happy Sewing!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Whatcha up to today?

Hi everyone! It is Thursday! Are you preparing some wonderful plans for the weekend? So tell me, whatcha doing today? Me? I'm sewing...what else do I do?! Not much. Yesterday I cleaned the house, felt good to stop and vacuum and dust and just straighten up a bit. The sun was shining yesterday so that helped a whole lot with energy levels!!
If you have noticed I posted a link to Annie's Online Classes. I will be doing this from time to time. I personally know the teacher of the applique class, and she is the editor of Quilter's World, so click on the link and go take a wonderful class at home on machine applique! Carolyn Vagts is a wonderful person and very talented!! She is the one that pushed me further in this wonderful world of quilting! Thank you Carolyn!!
I have a few more of these diamonds to piece today and then the quilt body begins to take shape...
Love this!! What do you think?

Happy Sewing!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day after election

Again, I've been so busy I'm not posting on my blog...I will work on this. I may not be happy with the election results, but life will continue on.
I've been working on 3 projects at once each day.
So, for your viewing pleasure....
Drunkard's Path

Drunkard's Path

needed a break!!

How cool is this?!!!
I can't show you all of this quilt, but it is paper piecing. There is lots more to this quilt, and you will get to see it in due time. I've taught myself how to paper piece the hard way...while I'm working on it!! If I would have had some of Carol Doak's books on hand I would not have gone through all that I it rip it rip it!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 1st!

How many days till Christmas? I don't even want to think about it. Too much to take care of and too much to do....and since the "perfect storm" has caused so much damage to the east coast and neighboring states I bet those folks are not even thinking about Christmas, they are thinking survival. I feel for them!!! I survived hurricanes Hugo and Katrina....don't like hurricanes! I think I've said this before.
So, today, working on a couple of different projects. I have to go into the quilt shop and give a demo on a ruler. Before I have to make sure I have everything me....I don't think I'm mentally prepared for it....maybe it is just too early in the morning...oh well....
I also have to work on getting some paper piecing completed. My project deadline was moved up by over 2 weeks...that really affects life! My husband flies to Austria tomorrow for a week's stay so I'm thinking I can sew a lot while he is gone.
I was reading Bonnie Hunter's blog the other day and captured this picture, I think it suits life's events well....