Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 1st!

How many days till Christmas? I don't even want to think about it. Too much to take care of and too much to do....and since the "perfect storm" has caused so much damage to the east coast and neighboring states I bet those folks are not even thinking about Christmas, they are thinking survival. I feel for them!!! I survived hurricanes Hugo and Katrina....don't like hurricanes! I think I've said this before.
So, today, working on a couple of different projects. I have to go into the quilt shop and give a demo on a ruler. Before I have to make sure I have everything me....I don't think I'm mentally prepared for it....maybe it is just too early in the morning...oh well....
I also have to work on getting some paper piecing completed. My project deadline was moved up by over 2 weeks...that really affects life! My husband flies to Austria tomorrow for a week's stay so I'm thinking I can sew a lot while he is gone.
I was reading Bonnie Hunter's blog the other day and captured this picture, I think it suits life's events well....

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