Sunday, October 28, 2012

Goodness Me!!!

I had no idea that my last post was on Oct. 7! I know I have been busy, but sheesh! Good news for me, I was able to get an extension on 2 quilts that are due this month! One of the quilts I have due to a different magazine, I had 6 due between mid October and the first week of December to 3 magazines, changed the due date and moved it up by almost 3 weeks! Hokey Smokes!! I had planned my piecing, quilting and binding all out for these 6 quilts so I could also fit in customer quilts and family time. When I read the email that the due date had been moved up I about had a major panic attack! No Joke!! And I also took in 8 customer quilts since my last posting...way too much work for 1 quilter. But I am trying to save up some money so that I can attend the Pigeon Forge Quilt Show in March.
I've joined a program with Annie's so that I can advertise the books that I have work in and I can show their newest books coming out too!! So, what does this mean for my readers? I will be hopefully having some giveaways ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I do have a book, magazine and some "candy packs" that I will be posting soon for giveaways.
So, can I get some help from my readers? Can you spread the word that I have to increase my numbers on my blog? Can you help me? Send your friends a note asking them to come and join my blog. I'm going to get the "Sew Along" back up and running (found my camera and was up in a child's room), I will have the giveaways going as soon as the my numbers increase (that is one of the requirements), and for next year, I have a few patterns that I am going to need testers. So....are we ready? Can you help me?

Do you like this one?
Or this one?
What would you do to change the two wall hanging quilts to make them what you would like?


  1. I prefer the first one. Seems less busy and easier on the eyes.

    Good luck and congrat's on all that is coming your way.

  2. I like the bottom one better...