Thursday, November 15, 2012


I have 2 full days left to finish the quilt I am piecing for quilter's world magazine. The quilt is gorgeous!! I can't show pictures yet, you can see pictures next summer ;o(   (I need to go find some little expression faces for my posts).
On day 3 I'm heading to Charlotte, NC. My sister and I are going to be going to the Southern Christmas Show on Sunday. On Monday I will be touring YLI Thread Corp, going to lunch with an ol' high school friend, then that night a group of us will be going to a friend's restaurant Grumpy Brothers for a fun gathering!
On Tuesday, I will be going to lunch with another friend and then flying home. I think I'm gonna be tired!! I would like to see if after lunch my sister and I could head up to a quilt shop in Charlotte.
Once I return home it will be a day of preparing food for Thanksgiving!! Wow! I'm suppose to have some downtime...but I can't seem to fit it in. On Friday, the day after...the ever famous Black Friday...I will NOT be shopping! I will be sewing a quilt for Quilty magazine. Not my design, they just need one for their magazine to fill a need.
Great news!! I got another quilt accepted with F&P! Don't know which issue or what it will be going in, I will know later when I receive my contract. I'm also waiting to find out from Quiltmaker if my block was accepted in their vol 7 of 100 Blocks...I'm not expecting it to though...don't know why, just have a feeling...but that is ok. I'm also waiting to hear if one of the designs I sent to Quilter's World will be accepted. I enjoy the piecing of all these quilts!! It does get somewhat hectic, BUT guess who starts and finishes the project?!! That would be me!
Happenings at the Village Quilt Shoppe: Today, my friend Dawn is teaching her Bargello table runner. This quilt is beautiful!!
Friday, is Potluck Sit and Sew night!! It only costs $5, bring a dish to share and any project you wish to work on. We have staff on hand to help you with your project. Great people, food and a wonderful time! And if you have show and tell Bring it!! And well Show and Tell...or Show it Off!

Well everyone, please drop me a line! I'm still trying to grow my numbers on my blog so that I can begin my book giveaways and other goodies!!! I will be advertising products, classes and such for Annie's so click on the links when you see them. Annie's offers classes and I will looking for great deals to share with you!

Happy Sewing....

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  1. Geez next summer seems so far away...but I know it will go quick. Well stay safe on your journey and remember to breath...Happy Thanksgiving!