Friday, September 17, 2010

It's Friday!!!

I'm ready to attack!! I finished quilting the Autumn French Braid quilt last night. This morning I will put on the binding and deliver it to the quilt shop. I'm teaching this one on October 9. I will need to piece a table runner for the other class, I have not decided if I'm going to piece it in the same fabrics or choose different. I should probably choose the same ones, especially since I have leftovers...that makes sense....
I've added my EQ7 button to my blog. I'm enjoying playing in EQ7 and I've downloaded a few files so I can play more! It really find it easy to use. I think every quilter should have this tool, the only draw back is how long I end up sitting at the computer creating instead of actually sewing.
I've gotten a couple of requests for some quilt tops. I'm looking forward to piecing them.
I recently purchased a purse pattern, not going to name the pattern name, but I think the directions...well there is not I'm left to figure things out for myself. It is my learning style not the publisher's fault.
My goals for this weekend: put the binding on to 3 quilt tops, mail out two of the quilts, start on the new commissioned quilts, get the instructions/supply list ready for the quilt classes, visit the local craft store (just cause I, prepare for Sunday's class, and all of next week's lesson with our homeschool...ok, I just thoroughly overwhelmed myself!!! I think this calls for some chocolate, oh wait, I have not even had breakfast!!!
Well I better get a move on if I am to accomplish anything. I will be posting some pictures soon!! I've got a few projects in mind....need to write the patterns though!!
Later gator!

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