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Price List Piecing Quilt and Machine quilting

Nancy McNally
Gammill Classic Plus
Janome MC6500

My heart is in piecing. I love to piece a quilt! I can finish your project you started, please, just provide the original pattern for me to follow. If the pattern is lost, I will just do what I can to give you what you originally intended the quilt to be. The price is $10 per hour for the construction of the quilt top. Once I piece the top I will then machine quilt it and bind it for you. The prices vary from the type of quilting you choose. See pricing for long-arm machine quilting. Binding is machine only, no hand binding. Cost $50 – 70.00 based on size of quilt. Deposit of 50% is required.

I also offer piecing from beginning to end. You pick out the fabric, pattern and I do all the work. Cost is $10-$20 per hour. This will be based on the level of difficulty. No appliqué and no paper piecing. Deposit of 50% is required. Give me a call and we can sit down together and plan out the quilt.

I can design your quilt top, or you can choose from my library of books and preprinted patterns.

contact me at:

Long-arm Machine Quilting:

Preparing your quilt top for machine quilting:

-Is your quilt top free of pet hair?

-Please square up your quilt top, no un- even edges.

-Clip all loose threads front and back.

-Press your quilt top to keep it nice and flat

-check seams; are they all going in the direction they are suppose to be?

-Backing: if you are piecing your back, please remove the selvage edges.

- Place a pinned note at the top of the backing that you wish the top of the quilt to be lined up with.

Make sure your backing is at least 6 inches larger than the quilt (length and width)

Type of Quilting with price

Allover (edge to edge) 1.5 cents per square inch

Custom borders with allover in body of quilt 2.5 cents per square inch

Custom borders and body of quilt 3.0 cents per square inch
How to figure the cost: measure your quilt length and width, multiply the two numbers:

L x W= square inch. Multiply this by the cents per square inch x 1.5 Example if your quilt measure 50 x 60 = 3000 x 1.5 = $45

Batting: you provide and it should be 3 inches larger (on all 4 sides) than the quilt top.

Backing: please do not use a sheet for the backing. Make sure if you have pieced the backing that you indicate with a note pinned to the top of the backing the TOP (where you want the top of your quilt lined up) and remove the selvage edges.

Customer Order Form

Name: _________________________

Email: _________________________

Address: _______________________



Phone: (H)_________________________


Check appropriate blank

__machine quilting

__piecing, quilting and binding

Machine quilting order:

Size of quilt: width: ___ x length: __

Type of batting you provided, this needs to be 6-8 inches larger than your quilt.

Quilting thread color:

_neutral _variegated _solid to match

Type of quilting: _ meander small, medium, large (circle size desired) (.01-.025 per sq. in.)

_all over pattern from edge to edge (free form no pantograph pattern) (.025 per sq. in.)

_custom borders (extra charge) with all over pattern in body of quilt (.03 per sq. in.)

_full custom heavy quilting (.035 per sq in.)

(L)___ x (W)___= ______ x _____=$______

Piecing your quilt top:

I have a nice variety of patterns and books for you to choose from. I do not offer paper piecing or quilts with appliqué. Call me and we can schedule a time to sit down together to discuss the type of quilt pattern you are looking for. To get started fill out the basic order form below:

Size of quilt:


__wall hanging


__twin __comforter __ bedspread

__full __comforter __bedspread

__queen __comforter __bedspread

__king __comforter __bedspread

~ if you choose a comforter will need a bed skirt to match? ___yes __no

~ would you also like matching pillow cases?

__yes __no if yes, 1 or 2

Fabrics and colors. This will be discussed together. I can join you with the shopping for the fabrics or I can do the shopping myself. (fee for this)

Keep this in mind: the more difficult the pattern, the more “pieces” the pattern requires, the higher the cost.

I also offer whole cloth quilts. These can be absolutely stunning and no two are alike!

Deposit: _____Check or ____Cash

Amount: $___________

Signature ______________________________

Backing: please choose one:

__whole cloth backing (no seams)

__pieced backing (if there are enough scrap fabrics left from the piecing, I maybe able to use them. Otherwise we will have to choose a backing. We need to make that decision when all the fabric is purchased for the top.)

Once the quilt top is pieced, I will machine quilt your quilt top. Please fill out order form in the machine quilting section of brochure.

Batting: cotton or poly-cotton blend are best.

I do NOT keep this in stock, we will need to purchase.

Once quilted I will machine bind! I do NOT hand sew bindings on. If you would like for your quilt to be hand bound please let me know:

__hand binding

__machine binding

Fabric for binding: can be scrap strips from quilt top or we can purchase matching fabric for this.

*all quilts will have the first stage of binding machine sewn to the front of the quilt top then for hand binding the binding will be hand sewn to the back of the quilt. For ALL machine binding, I sew the binding to the back of the quilt first then machine bind it to the front of the quilt. Hand binding, I can recommend a quilter for this job, price will be determined by her.

May I use a photo of your quilt for advertising purposes? __yes or __no

If I run into problems with the quilt top you have pieced such as fullness, puckering, seams coming apart, I will do my best to repair.

There will be a repair fee depending on the amount of work that is needed. Fees range from $5-$10 extra per repair. If you prefer that I place pleats in the border from fullness, I can’t promise that seams will match.

You can email me at:

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  1. Your prices for machine quilting are VERY reasonable! I have become a follower and will be returning to your blog often.. most especially, when I finish my quilt!