Saturday, October 9, 2010

Quilt projects

This past week I've been diligently working on a quilt, along with getting very distracted by my entire sewing room! I had an agenda! I was to make x amount of 4 patches and x amount of hst for this quilt. But, as usual, I was getting side tracked by all the *goodies* within my eye sight! Maybe I could take this fabric and do this, or what about adding an additional border onto this quilt so I could do some amazing longarm custom quilting...oh wait, I bet, if I combind these 3 quilts onto this one extremely long quilt back (4.5 the math!) then I could fit all 3 of those quilts on to the machine and walla I would have finished 3 more ufo's!! OH wait....but then I have to consider thread I want to do solid color thread or varigated thread...oh what batting do I need, do I have enough black batting..all 3 of these quilts require black batting..looks like I have to go visit the quilt shop again..oh bummer, Carolyn will be so surprised to see me!! LOL
Now, do you see why I lost what I was attempting to accomplish? Did I loose you? I lost myself!! LOL  Finally I remembered what I was suppose to be working on...Cathedral Stars by Bonnie Hunter!! Holy Moly! It took me reading her blog on to realize the project!! My goodness. I'm not kidding, all week I would run down to my sewing room to just sew a few units and then I would rush back up here (note to self: move sewing room upstairs, won't hurt knees as much) to either head out the door or work on something that was needing my say a child? LOL  But I was having the darndest time remembering what I was working on!! I would glance on my tables as I flew by to see if the pattern was laying there...nope I don't that is what I'm working on.....this went on all week!! I just have to say, Thank you to Bonnie for posting on her blog about the workshop in CO.
I was able to finish my "Totally Decaffeinated" quilt, it is too pretty to call it that, but that is name of the quilt in the book.  I've showed it to lots of people and they all love it. I need to go replenish my fabric now that I used lots of browns and creams up for that one. Bummer, another reason to go to the village quilt shop!! Carolyn, I'm coming over for a visit!!! I just love those ladies!!! And Carol, who is Carolyn's husband, they are fantastic people up there!! I can't forget to mention Sally! Sally is my altoid buddy! I give her a handful of altoids when I go in....she likes me only for my candy! LOL  just kidding, she is great too!
Guess who just found out she did not take a picture of the finished quilt that has the borders on it???? Yep, that would be me! My goodness...back to the workshop...oh no, you know what this means? I will probably forget what my mission is before I reach the bottom of the stairs leading to my sewing room....Pray for me! LOL
Happy quilting everyone!!