Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quilts, Quilts quilts....just can't get enough

You know you are a "die hard" quilter when all you think about is quilting. Each morning I notice how dirty the house is getting because someone is NOT cleaning! Now, who on earth could that be? Not me! IT is the kids' responsibility!! LOL Oh those birds create so much dust too, I need to teach them how to clean up after themselves!
Yesterday we had a little situation with 2 chipmunks!! The big one, the daddy, decided it would be the right thing to do to chew through my side porch screen so he could get into the house...he could smell bird seed. Bird seed that Henry and Gracie toss out of their food bowls inorder to find their favorite nice of them, huh?
So daddy chipmunk manages to chew through the screen. I find him and his little boy in my porch scurring around trying to get out cause there is a human!!! They finally figured out how to get of the screened in porch and off they go. My husband took the screen and flipped it so that the hole was now at the top of the screen...way up above our heads.....I really thought the situation was resolved.
I'm downstairs sewing and I hear lots of noise going on in the family room. The birds were going nuts! So I come upstairs to find Gracie chasing one of the chipmunks out of the family room!!! Yes, my bird was chasing a chipmunk! That was funny!! Both of those chipmunks climbed to the top of the screen,through the hole and back down the other side of the screen, through the family room sliding doors and into the family room they were!! Walla jackpot for them because of the bird seed in the floor!! Need to vacuum again! darn it! Now I can't leave the sliding glass door open, darn chipmunks! Close doors, open windows for a nice breeze.
Instead I opened the windows behind the bird's cage....geez these chipmunks are smart! Within an hour the birds were going nuts again. I come back upstairs only to find daddy chipmunk had gotten back into the porch and was climbing the screen behind the bird's cage!!! UGH!! Daddy chipmunk saw me and took off! He has not reappeared since. Wish I would have had my camera during each time. The pictures would have been great!!
Just imagine a green quaker parrot chasing a chipmunk! LOL I did reward Gracie for being such a great watch bird!! What a great bird! LOL
With the comotion of the birds and chipmunks I did manage to quilt my French Toile quilt. I squared it up and today I plan on putting on the binding. I also managed to put another quilt on the longarm machine. This quilt is a scrappy quilt from Bonnie Hunter's website: the pattern is Hidden Spools. I'm going to do an allover meandor pattern, bind it and ship it to my sister. The quilt measures 90x106...I did not mean for it to be this big!! LOL She said she is going to put it on her bed along with the other 5 quilts she has from me!! LOL
I did manage to organize my sewing room a bit also. That felt good to get those projects into bins and off my cutting tables. I have a total of 18 bins now...that is too many bins. What I like doing is pulling fabric together when I get a vision of a quilt. I place the pattern in the bin with the fabric, this way I know what my idea was. I've been designing quilts lately. not too many, but this is just another avenue for me to explore. Now If I could just sell my designs or quilts. My passion is really into piecing, the actual machine quilting is a big chore for me. At times I find it refreshing...only at times.
Well, time to get moving, need to take some pictures of my progress and clean my house!! I know if I go down to my sewing room first I will never clean the house today!!! LOL....

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  1. LOLOL - wish I had been there! You may not have had a camera but your description was priceless! Darned those cute little critters get to be a pain in the patootie really quickly (I almost said 'quilty' - !). Chasing after chipmunks is must more interesting than cleaning house!