Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Well it is about time...someone has been neglecting her blog!

Well, I've definitely been neglecting my blog! I've just been procrastinating for the longest time and I don't know why? I don't have a reason. The only thing I can think of is because the camera was down in the basement in my son Chris's area where he was filming and I was too lazy to go pick up my camera. So there! That is my reason, works for me, that is my story and I'm stickin' to it! LOL
I have really accomplished a lot in the quilt world recently.  I found another quilter's blog "sew many ways" and I love her ideas on repurposing items, keeping the sewing room organized....just love it...very very inspiring! Now I want to paint all my sewing room furniture the same color so I can be "matchy matchy" . But first, I need to take a shower and clean myself up! LOL I need to get off the computer....I think I will update the blog though before I'm off to the shower....
French Braid
Earlier in November I received an email from Fons and Porter magazine editor. I'm getting published! SWEET! She requested that I pick out a hoffman batik to remake my quilt in for the fall 2011 issue. To get inspired I decided to go to my local quilt shop...The Village Quilt Shoppe at Canterbury Village here in Lake Orion. I love that shop!! Let's just say I got slightly side tracked! Instead of making a decision on fabric for the magazine quilt I came home with 12 fabrics at 1/2 yard cuts! Guess what I'm making? A French Braid: In blues!! The picture looks a little grainy I will try to take another picture of the finished quilt and hopefully it will not look so bad.
So while I was working on this quilt, the cutting process that is, I could have sworn I cut enough for 4 braids. I began searching through my things that I had placed on the cutting table, but I could only find enough for 2 braids...where did the rest go? I could not find the other braids so I decided that I did not cut all that I needed and cut 2 more sets....except I actually cut more than that! Then of course I found the rest of the braids!!! GEE!! The braids were underneath the basket...the basket that contains the Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt fabrics and pieces....I'm rolling my eyes at myself!

4-patches for Christmas Lights

Yesterday, since Bonnie (http://www.quiltville.com/) put up the instructions for her Christmas Lights pattern I decided it was time to gather those fabrics and save them for the week between Christmas and New Year. This would be a nice project. In the mean time I found that I had pieced some 4-patch units the same size that is needed for the Christmas Lights....and I had pieced a LOT!! Well then I have step 1 finished...except I found in the same container I had the 4-patches in I also have a bizillion 1/2 sq. triangles!! and 4-patches to match these hst. Oh my word!! I spent over 2 hours putting this up:

close up of fabrics

2 hours plus took to add to design wall

I have not pieced this one yet, just putting all those hst's and 4patches on the wall was enough for me...in the close up you can see the white coming through, this is the batting I have pinned up on the wall....I use this as my "design wall"...how clever! LOL
I'm also working on Bonnie Hunter's Double Delight. I made this quilt two years ago, and gave it away to a wonderful friend. Now, I want one for myself. OH! The blue and red quilt shown above, my husband wants this one for our bed!! I was rather shocked by that. So, that is what I'm going to do with it. I hope I can make it large enough for our bed....it is a king size.
My health: yesterday I had an MRI. I will know the results soon. I'm suppose to schedule an ENG, this is all related to my dizziness/vertigo. Hopefully nothing serious is happening in my head and all will be fine soon.
Weather: winter is coming....snow on Wednesday....don't want to think about it.
Kids: Joe is sick with the flu, the real flu...not just a head cold...the flu...poor guy, he has slept on the couch for 3 days...Steve won't go near him, he does not want to get sick.
Thanksgiving Day: What a great time we had with friends Dawn, Joe and David.
Time for me to get off the computer!!! I need to go take more pictures of everything that I am working on....but that will be after the camera battery charges...

Take care everyone and stay warm!


  1. Those are beautiful Nancy! Your talent amazes me and congrats on getting into a magazine! You'll have to let us all know when it is out.

    Your name came to me the other day when I was praying...and I hope that means you are OK; and that what I was praying for will come to pass. I will email you soon about it all.


  2. Hey, I came across this quilt blog site-thought I would share it :

    Have you ever made a bricks and stones one? (on the left sidebar)...I don't think I had ever seen a quilt like that one.

    Hope all is well-

  3. Love your french braid. What is the quilt pattern that it is being used with? Your color choices are gorgeous. I'll have to keep checking back to watch for updates. : )