Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 days and counting....

10 days until Christmas and I'm not finished with all that needs to be done. This has been an interesting week of "weather" related events. Southeastern Michigan received a blanket of snow Sunday night and into Monday. Next the temperature turned to bitter cold artic air...below zero wind chills...not fun and I stayed in the house! Canceled the women's dinner and cookie exchange, rescheduled it for Tuesday night...canceled and rescheduled again due to the roads refreezing. We probably could have had it last night but it turned out better for me. I was not feeling well last night at all. Very sick to my stomach and slightly feverish.
Today, I'm feeling just fine.
Speaking of today, we are having a Christmas party with our homeschool group. I'm kind of excited and kind of lets just get this over with! I have 7 quilts to finish between now and Monday!!! Lord only knows how I'm going to get all this done, cause honey, I have no clue!
I have some ideas on how quilting patterns and need to get them on paper. I know I'm not going to be able to get moving on these ideas until after Christmas, but I hope I don't forget them!!
Bummer, it is time for me to get moving, no pictures today the camera is charging....till next time...

Happy sewing....

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