Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Machine quilting

Lately I have been preoccupied with gardening. I have managed to weed and plant 3 back is killing me! But today! I will be sewing. I'm working on several things, of course! oh yes, while working outside yesterday we found a bumble bee nest under our ground cover juniper....going to stay away from that area for a while....
My first project is a quilt on the longarm machine. Not my quilt but a friend's quilt, she named it Rose Bargello. It really is a nice quilt. She also gave to me a second quilt to put on the machine, this one is a panel quilt that she has sliced the panel into different increment segments and then sewn it all back together....very interesting look. I know how I am going to quilt both of them already.
Once I finish the both of these I am going to work on my Block of the Month by Nancy Rink: Galactic Explosion! I love this quilt. Also, if I have enough time I'm going to put together my packet for the quilts that i have designed and hopefully get them published in a magazine.
Time is going by fast....till tomorrow....


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