Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Lord is Great!

I've been so overwhelmed with all that is going on, health issues, homeschooling schedule and church responsibilities....that I just shut down. Absolutely nothing was accomplished. I said a little prayer, talked with the Lord for just a few minutes and things are confirmed now. I feel somewhat relieved, you know we can't do it all by ourselves, even though we try.
I received a phone call two days ago about my sister, Gail. The cancer has only attached itself to her left ovary, just a small amount(still in her blood stream though). She is thrilled, she was expecting the worst. She will have her port put in in about 2 weeks, then chemo will begin. Her outlook is so much better now, I know she was scared. I was scared for her!
My nephew is having his knee x-ray'd today? for his knee cancer. He is only 16. Somehow he was diagnosed with the same knee cancer that Patrick Kennedy had. Christopher's outlook is "He is claiming victory in the Lord! He is saying after these weeks of chemo that the tumor is gone!" Praying that the Lord has healed him! Mom and Dad say he is walking like he used to, no limp and that shows them that the tumor has shrunk. Praying!!!
Quilting: I think I'm just gonna focus on enjoying the art of quilting, the art of creating. I truly can't homeschool, teach bible study classes, be a mom, clean the house and be a wife to just too much to do. I want to do it all, I want to help, serve and share, but somewhere I have to enjoy the process of it all. Find a good medium, you know?
Doctor called last night about our lab results. John is good, no celiac, I'm celiac. Steve, well he does not produce enough antibodies for the bloodwork test to show, so....he will have another type of bloodwork test done. Doctor gave me a choice, scope/biopsy or bloodwork...ummmm I think we are going to go with the bloodwork. If that does not work then we will do the scope.
Step-daughter Kate might be moving in. I'm hoping she does, I miss her terribly! But I want to make sure the timing is right for her to move back in with us. She is 24 and needs to figure out what she wants to do with herself. She has a fantastic job at the bank and she does want to make that work, but she has this creative side that she needs to explore. Coming here allows her space, quiet time for her to explorer that.
Time to get moving, just got an idea for a quilt!! LOL...Have you ever played with your fabric so much and pulled different pieces together, made piles all over your flat surfaces, put the piles in separate bins, with patterns? Oh my goodness, I've been doing that! I have 16 bins, they are slightly larger than a shoe box, enough for yardage to lay flat . I thought to myself, you know if you take all this fabric out of the bins and put it back in your you realize just how much your stash will grow? Oh my, I'm a fabricaholic! LOL I love it! Time to go create!!

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