Thursday, May 26, 2011

Playing catch up!

This entire week has been nothing but playing catch up! The house needs to be cleaned from top to bottom, the flowerbeds need to be need to be put into the ground...quilts need to be quilted and patterns need to printed off! Oh, and I have a few quilts that need to be pieced. Do I have the energy to do any of this??? no...I don't know why? Could it be because there is almost no sunshine this week???
On Tuesday, my husband's b'day, the kids and I cleaned out his suv, and I worked on the flowerbeds...actually all of us worked on everything together that day. Allergies kicked in and did me in...also did Steve in. Poor kid!
Well, I'm gonna make this short today, lots to do and I need to go eat breakfast!
Happy quilting everyone...what are you up to? Any new projects?

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