Sunday, July 24, 2011

My far....

This past Tuesday, I submitted 4 quilts to a quilt book publisher. Three out of the four were accepted into the book!! I received my email yesterday...actually the email was sent to me on Friday, but I did not read it until Saturday morning. I was so excited, still am actually!
I also learned the other day that my quilt for F&P is one of the several that is being voted on for the cover!! That one totally shocked me. I emailed the editor wondering how my quilt photographed. When she sent me a picture of my quilt, it looked like one that would go on the I asked....Did it make on the cover? She then told me that it is being considered!
I have not heard if my quilt for QW will be on the cover or not, that will be a while before I hear anything, that would be so very exciting!
Yesterday after a few errands I came home to begin sewing. I really did want to work outside but it was way to hot and humid. The air felt saturated. So I cut 80 strips of fabric and sewed the strips into 40 strip sets.
Now I need some help, I made 9patches the other night and I have two ideas and I'm not sure which one I should go with. Here is a picture of the 9patches:

As you can see, I've added triangle units to all 4 sides of the 9patches. I'm thinking of either adding sashing and cornerstones between the blocks or adding larger triangles to all 4 sides, giving it a "snails trail" look to attempt to create a spin. What do you think?
Today we will go to church, come home, feed the gang, then I have to prepare for this afternoon's lesson for the teen girls. I'm suppose to do, as Cassandra dubbed the class, "Cooking with Jesus". That one cracked me up! We are trying to teach the girls how to take care of themselves by giving them life skills while doing our Bible study. We are going to be starting the "No Other Gods" study tonight. It will just be an introduction night because I have a leadership team meeting.
Time to get ready for church!
Have a wonderful day everyone!!

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  1. My word - how exciting!!!

    And also, take care of the young girls - we older gals need to lead them into good places.