Friday, May 21, 2010

Its been a while for me

It has been a while since I have posted on my blog. Life is just busy and I have other things to think about and accomplish.
Yesterday we spent 2 hours at the doctor's office, watching my son Steve in excrutiating pain! And the doctor could really do nothing except say go back to the gluten free diet and take the prevacid. They got him an x-ray schedule at another facility for Monday....Ok Steve gets to stay in pain for 4 more days!!! What?! I'm not buying it! I want something done for him NOW. So we took him up the ER at Genesis hospital. There the doctors took blood and had the x-ray technicians bring down the machine and x-ray his abdominal area.
My son was doubled over in pain for over 4 hours yesterday and the regular doctor could do nothing?
Steve was able to sleep a little, which helped him not focus on the pain.
The labs and x-ray came back that everything was fine. The doctor at the er said that Steve needs to stay on the gluten free diet until the pediatric GI doctor is able to see him and run more testing. The ER doctor was great! Steve was looking and doing so much better when we left the hospital last night!
Today I'm leaving for the Beth Moore conference over in Grand Rapids. I have not been away from family in a very long time!! It is just an overnight thing, and I really am looking forward to spending time with Bonnie, Mary and Sally. I heard that kathy and her sister are coming too! This is going to be a very fun trip!
Our teens at church are involved in the 30hour famine, which is today and tomorrow. I'm trusting that Chris will be taken care of (he is diabetic, I will have to send food for him) and now with Steve having to go gluten free, I need to send special food for him also. Life is changing for 2 of my kids. It is going to be ok though, we can make it.
Time to get moving. Oh yeah, priase team is playing tonight and the kids youth praise team band is playing tomorrow and they are in charge of the service on Sunday! Love it!

Till later.......

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