Friday, June 17, 2011

Life for the weekend

Today our daughter arrives home for the weekend! Kate is 25 years old and she is a beautiful young woman! I can't wait for her to arrive. She is coming for the weekend,  cause it is Father's Day this Sunday. It will be nice having another female in the house again. I think she hinted to me that she wants to pick out fabric for a duvet? I'm not certain....we will see. I have no problem looking for fabric!
Someone from my husband's work brought in 3 seasons of The Big Bang Theory. We love that show! Needless to say we have been watching the dvd's!! Our son Chris said we should have a marathon of watching them over the weekend. Ok, let's do it Saturday night or Friday night while Kate is here. I'll make some good finger foods for munching and we can all just veg in front of the tv! What fun! LOL Actually we have done this before but it was with Third Rock From the Sun. We literally sat and watched 6 hours of tv and none of us moved! LOL
Last night I sewed 32 sets of fabric strips together to prepare for my quilt that is going in QW magazine. I power sewed! Now today after I run Steve and John out to Rachel's to help her father clean up the yard, I will come back home and iron all those strip sets. I'm hoping that I can cut the strip sets into the sub units that I need and begin to prepare them for sewing. I will have to lay all the pieces out to make sure I achieve the "right" look. My goal is to make this quilt look like suede! How cool is that?!
Speaking of yard clean up, the boys are helping one family today, and another family tomorrow. They will be completely worn out by Sunday, Father's Day.
Well everyone, I will post pictures of my quilt in stages as soon as I can.....

Later and happy quilting!

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