Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Birds of a Feather!!!

HI everyone! I have been on the road these past several weeks, only being home for a week, then hit the road again. This is definitely quilt show season! Speaking of quilt shows, I thought I'd share that I was featured last week. Here is the link:
Now Birds is not a quilt show, it is a learning experience!! All classes about longarm quilting. There will be some vendors, but the focus is all longarm quilting.
Last week I was in Chattanooga!! At the AQS Chattanooga Quilt show!! It was wonderful!!!
Here are some pictures from the week, we had a wonderful time!!
I was playing with Innova longarm sequencer attachment! Love it!!

This was my favorite quilt from the "Special Exhibit" room. I thought this Cow quilt was hilarious!!

Ok, this was our waiter at the restaurant Sugar's. It is a southern BBQ, so you have to know what real BBQ is to understand. I got kick out of his shirt!

Don't we all feel this way?!! LOL

She found her Triangle!! LOL

These were on the sidewalk outside of the Chattanooga Convention Center


This hallway "seamed" to get longer each day we had to walk it, LOL beautiful building!

The view from my room. See the blocks?

My quilting buddy Jill standing on top our tables. She was installing the light bar. Yes, you can stand on top of our longarm machine tables, they are that strong and stable!

I bought these "real" cowboy boots!! Love them!

Me trying on different boots

I got to sit on a Harley!!!
If you follow me on Facebook, you will see videos of Jill and I: The Escapades of Jill and Nancy. Go see them!!!

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