Thursday, June 11, 2009

Airport, Prom, Graduation!

Here we go! Today is the day that we are supper busy! My sister, Renee and her family, are flying in from Charlotte. We have to be at the church for Prom pictures by 5, the boys head up to the prom with their dates around 6:10...they have a night of fun!! and then they come home wiped out! LOL I can't wait for Saturday! Graduation day! Matt and Joe have made a video for their graduation ceremony...hmmm...I wonder if Joe has written his graduation speech yet? Yesterday I managed to piece 3 pillowcases. My original plan was to only make 2 but I decided "what the heck, let's make a third!" So I did! I also rearranged my family room, I put the 4 birds into the living room and brought in to the family room 4 more chairs. With having 12 people in my home I needed to have available as many chairs as possible in there. The room is large enough so it looks nice. The video is of Joe and Matt preparing for their graduation ceremony! It is fantastic! Matt has a great eye for filming and I hope he pursues this as a career. My son Steve has told me that he thinks he has found his career! He has been helping Matt in filming, and has really enjoyed it! Way to go boys!! Enjoy the video!!

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  1. This is really well done boys! I wish we could see what the green road sign says that you zoom in on though :( Maybe it'll come through on the big screen!!!