Friday, September 23, 2011

My youngest son is in driver's ed...

Tell me how this happens? He was only born 15years ago, who said he could get taller than me, taller than 2 of his older brothers and that he can drive???? Who?!
John is our youngest son, he turned 15 on 9/11. He is amazing! He is independent, disciplined and driven! He rarely needs my help with any school work, usually it is history, he does not like history...does not get down to business fast enough for him...I understand that! LOL He is an amazing drummer!! One day I hope to get a video of him and older brother Joe in "wipeout"...remember that instrumental from the 60's? I think that was when it came out.
I need to find a picture of John to post. Well, since I don't have any, I think I will take a picture of him today and post it later on.
This was a short post to get to work today...take John to Driver's Ed.
Happy Sewing everyone!

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