Friday, September 16, 2011

The magazine is on newstands....

My sister flew in a couple of days ago and we when she arrived we went on a mad hunt to find the magazine. The magazine: Fons & Porter Easy Quilts Scrap Quilts has my quilt on the cover! How sweet is that!!? The magazine was no where to be found!! I was pretty bummed. Two days later, we found it on the shelves at Kroger!! Renee was outside talking on her cell phone so I went into the store to see. Standing up front was Kathy, she is one of their managers. I walked up to her and told her about the magazine and wanted to know if the newest magazines had been put on the shelves yet? She said yes, that the girl just finished. So off I went and my son Steve was the one who found the magazine! It was not with the other quilt magazines though, that is why I could not find it. I grabbed a copy, and took up to the front to show Kathy. You should have seen her face!! She bought the magazine and had me autograph it! How funny! Honestly the funniest part of it was when I handed her the magazine and she yelled to the entire store "we have a celebrity in the store!! Right here, Chris, your mom made the cover of the magazine!!" and yes, she was yelling...and everyone looked! oh my that was a little embarrassing and funny, but she meant well and I just laughed.
Steve ran back to the magazine stand and grabbed one for Renee. We bought it and took it outside to show her. You should have seen her face! She got off the phone so fast and took off  into the store and bought the rest of the copies!!  That leaves no copies for the quilters, lol...oops.
Hopefully other stores will have the magazine and I also hope that subscribers of the magazine will send me an email about my quilt! I love to hear from others!
Happy Sewing everyone!!


  1. I found it at JA this noon!! What a wonderful scrappy quilt! Congrats from another Michigander :)

  2. I'm still on the hunt for my copy!!!

  3. so show us the cover! congrats!

  4. Found it today at COSTCO!!

  5. I bought this magazine without knowing it was your quilt. I loved that quilt is the reason I picked up the mag. Congratulations on the cover!
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