Friday, September 2, 2011

Who said September could arrive so fast????

Ok, someone needs to fess up now! Who in their right mind said September could arrive so fast?!! I am not ready for this month to be here! We begin school next week, am I ready? nope! I have quilts that are due right now, in house, are they there?! nope!
Matter of fact, I just sent a reminder email to the editor saying I have till Monday.
You know I really work well under pressure, unless someone bugs me! LOL then, well let's just say, don't talk to me! LOL
Yesterday I received two wonderful surprises in the mail!!! Fons and Porter sent me the copy of the magazine my quilt is in!!! I made the front cover and my quilt is the first quilt in the magazine!! Then, as I was walking to my bedroom, which is in the front of the house, I saw the UPS truck out front. Who ordered something?! The driver came around the back of the truck with a nice size box in her eyes got real big!!! It is my quilt! Yep! Fons and Porter sent me my quilt back so I can have it for show and tell with the quilt guild! I met the driver outside, I was so excited...I'm so silly....and I told her that is my quilt that made the cover of the magazine!! WooHoo!! She was also very excited for me and congratulated me!
Last night, my son Joe and I sat on the living room couch and chatted about our day. I love that boy!! He had run into a couple of snags with his classes at OCC and had spent the entire day getting everything taken care of. He did a fantastic job, and I believe because he dressed nicely, with a tie on, that helped the professors and deans that he spoke with take him very serious. What a kid! oops, what an adult....oh heck, he is still my kid!
Chris on the other hand came home with a migraine last night. Not good, he had one all day and was getting sick to his stomach. I'm gonna tweak his diet again...but I also think the migraine could have come from the front that is coming through bringing all this heat and humidity.
Pictures for you to enjoy....
trying to figure out what to do with these blocks....
things on my design wall.....
just something I'm working on....

I tweaked this applique design, I did not like the original, so I took out the stems, lessened the number of berries and moved the center flower petals...what do you think? oh and I don't really care for applique, that is the process of doing I did raw edge machine applique.
And yes, it is on my longarm machine, I quilted it to death! LOL
Happy sewing everyone!!!

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  1. How wonderful for you! Proud of you and your sons! Prayers against that headache taking any more of his time! I've had those...grrr!