Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Guild Meeting

Last night was Townhall Quilt Guild meeting. I love guild now. At first I did not because I was the "new kid in town" and knew no one. Now, I'm getting to know everyone.  The meeting was fun and our new guild president tried to talk us into a "chinese fire drill" activity...hahahaha no one was going for it! LOL Not a one of us was willing to get up and move around. She tried though and it was a good idea, but the ladies were just gonna move....I think it is funny.
At a recent visit to my one my favorite quilt shops, a student of a class I taught came in. She was not there to see me, but when she saw me she thought it was necessary to tell me that I need to use a different method of constructing triangles for my projects....I had to inform her that I don't care for that method that I like the one I used, and that I've been quilting for 15 years and I've seen that method....I choose to do another one...she was not impressed with me at all...sorry! 
So, when I see that a pattern calls for hst's where you draw a diagonal line on the back of the square and then sew 1/4" seam on either side of the line....I look to see the finished size and use my method...what is the big deal?  As long as your block/units are the right size you are fine! I can chain piece my hst faster with this method, so that is why I use this method.
Yesterday I stopped into the Village Quilt shoppe and asked Carroll (is it two l's or one?) if he could order Block Base for EQ7 for me. I checked EQ7's website and they are on back order. I checked a wholesale distributor's website and they had hopefully he will be able to order it for me.
Today is an all day sewing day! I'm not leaving the house if I don't have to!! I pieced 28 blocks yesterday, and today I need to add the sashing and cornerstones. I also have to cut out my applique pieces. The applique is going on a different quilt, just need to get it moving too....phew....lots to do lots to do....Happy Sewing everyone!

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