Monday, August 15, 2011

Random thoughts

This past weekend, for some unknown reason, I ventured into my son Chris's room...he is a pretty tidy young man...I can't call him a kid any more...he is 6'2" and he is 19 yrs. old...he no longer fits the "my kid" category..hahaha....
Anyway, I went up to his room looking for something, probably my camera. He likes to use it to film his mini-videos. Oh, now I remember why I went into his room, his bathroom window was open and it was raining outside. So, I go to close his window and I noticed you could NOT see out of it! My thoughts, "Chris, clean off this screen!" I realized what was on the screen...cottonwood fuzz! IT has been there forever! The screen is sooo tiny, there is no reason why he can't do this job. I will tell him today.
Cottonwood: I never knew what cottonwood was until we moved to Michigan. In the spring when these trees bloom and the wind takes the little "fuzzies" away with the breeze, it looks like it is snowing. Yep, and the little fuzzies, seeds, line all up along our driveway, in all of our windows....and make me sneeze! they stick to your screens and you can't see out. Once the trees are done dropping their fuzzies, we can clean our screens...but I guess Chris managed to get away with not cleaning his.
On Friday, I went to Maybellena's quilt shop to meet Sharon to pick up two of her quilts. While I was in the shop I saw the prettiest and easiest blue green quilt to piece. I wanted to take it and wrap up in it. They had the kit for sale, but I did not want to spend the money for the kit, so I bought 2 yards of fabric there, and two yards of fabric at the Village quilt shop...and started piecing it last night. Actually, I'm not piecing it the way they did in Maybellena's...I'm doing my own pattern. I hope it works! And as soon as I can find my camera I will post pictures.
I have 3 quilt projects that are due to QW magazine on Sept. 2. Last night I dreamed all night long that I was teaching people to make these quilts. One particular student was a little boy, who did not listen to me and my instructions. He cut out all the fabric that I gave him in his own way! He ruined the quilt! In a nutshell I had this nightmare all night long!! I would wake up everytime this little boy would show me what he did, get frustrated, roll over and go back to sleep...all night long people, all night long...sigh!
Well, I'm going to go cut my fabric for Quilter's World magazine mystery that is listed on Facebook. I forgot to cut my blocks this I better get busy!  Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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