Monday, August 22, 2011

Again, no picture day

Sorry no pictures today, but I did find my camera. I was very busy this weekend. Friday I began piecing early in the morning and I pieced until 10pm! I was determined to finish and I just kept plugging away.  I was unable to piece the borders on but I did manage to get them cut. Saturday morning, bright and early, I went down to my sewing room and packaged all my supplies up for my valance class. I brought my quilt along with me so that I could piece the borders on to the quilt. I knew I would have time because there were two other students that would need Pam's attention, so I took advantage of waiting time.
As for getting anything done after class on Saturday....did not happen! I was soooo sick to my stomach I could not do anything, I was miserable and uncomfortable. All I managed to do was lay on the couch and channel surf...I found nothing on tv...wouldn't you know it!
Sunday came along and I felt much better. Went to church, came home, made salsa soup for dinner, watched Big Bang Theory (dvd) and then headed downstairs to begin cutting out applique pieces...I don't like applique....but I'm the one who said I would do this quilt so I'm committed....
I was able to get about 30% completed, that is just the cutting out part, not the actual sewing down part. I will have to go up to the Village Quilt shop today and buy the right threads for the job. Hopefully while I'm there Carroll will be able to let me know if he ordered Block Base for me. I hope he did!
I'm also hoping that today I will go work outside in my yard. It is an absolute mess!!! I have not worked on my flowerbeds in weeks again! And the weeds are so high and I can't seem to get control of them. I want to start all over with this flower bed, but who has time for that?
I have a couple of quilt submissions to take care of this week also. I hope everyone is enjoying the last bits of summer, I can't believe school has and is starting back....summer is just never long enough....
Happy Sewing!

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