Monday, August 1, 2011

what to do what to do....

I have so much on my list to accomplish I don't know where to begin. I have a couple of fun things to work on and then I have some "must do"...but they are not fun....what should I do today? Fun or work? Logic says, get the work done so you can have fun! Ok fine, but I'm hungry! I think I will eat some breakfast first. While my bread is toasting I will type for a few moments....I'm posting some homeschool text books up for sale on the vegsource list. I've been wanting to sell these books for a while. Hopefully someone will jump on my prices and take it all!
Last night was wonderful! We had the acteen girls over. We are doing a study called "No Other Gods". With this study we are going to teach the girls how to cook. Most of them know how to do basic things but I was surprised that one did not know how to chop veggies. She knows how to now! She did a fantastic job! We made chopped all kinds of veggies, sauted them and added them to pasta which I showed the girls how to cook your pasta in chicken broth...tastes soooo much better. cooked up some chicken and a dessert and we were good to go! Last night was great!
Today, like I mentioned before I have lots to do. I need to put a customer's quilt on the machine, work on Quiltmaker magazine's project, do submissions..clean my house weed the flower beds ( it is too humid outside though), go to the quilt shop for some "sit and sew" time with friends.
Ahhhh breakfast was good! I love Italian bread toasted! Breakfast was toast, but with Italian bread...I love the texture and the "crunch". Time to get to work people......

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