Monday, August 8, 2011

August is here and we are heading towards mid month....

Sigh...I can't believe August is here and tomorrow is my birthday...that means that we are heading towards mid month...then we head towards September...that means school and fall/autumn temps....oh I don't even want to think about what comes after fall! Make it go away! LOL
I've been working on a quilt in EQ7 that I so want to piece right now! And I bet you if I could just sit down in my sewing room for the rest of this week, with no interuptions I could get it pieced!! I would love to get this quilt published, but I'm not certain where to get started...why? because it is big, lots of paper...paper as in it will not fit in a magazine.....I have not decided if I'm going to show this quilt on my blog yet, I don't want it shared with more people than it should be...just in case I do go through with trying to get it published.
Actually, If I could piece it in a different color pattern, I would at least see if my instructions/measurements are correct...hmmm, now there is a thought....

Another design I've been working on....opinions please?
I really like the looks of this quilt, I've been playing with eq7 for a while, just trying different things out. I came up with this quilt you see above. What do you think? It reminds me of bowling alley shirts??? I don't know why either. And it looks like it should be in the 1950's....So tell me what you think?
Happy sewing!


  1. Reminds ME of argyle socks. But you are right, it definitely has that 50's aesthetic.

  2. Yes!! That is it! Argyle Socks!! Thank you for saying that, I just could not pin point what I was trying to say.