Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Waiting on Fabric!!

Today I'm waiting on fabric to arrive. It should have arrived yesterday! I canceled my serger class that I was signed up for because I thought my fabric was going to be never arrived...maybe it will arrive this morning and I can get busy cutting!  I have 3 projects due at the beginning of September and 1 at the end of September.
Anytime now, fabric can
Yesterday was a blast though, I had a wonderful day. Lots of birthday wishes, one of my best friends took me out to lunch, my boys bought us Jet's pizza for dinner!! and When I walked in to the quilt show board meeting, the ladies started clapping!! HA!! That totally surprised me! I was somewhat embarrassed....I should have broken out into a happy dance, but my mind does not work that fast! LOL I think I would have totally shocked them if I broke out into a dance!! oh I crack myself up sometimes!
I've got about "up-teen-million" quilt designs in my head and I can't seem to focus on one of them....How does one do this? I try to keep a notebook with drawings or printouts, but honestly, because my computer is upstairs and my sewing room is downstairs...I find it hard to stay organized...I leave a paper trail! Any suggestions!? Help please!
Last night our temps dropped down in the upper 50's, great sleeping weather! This morning I'm in my "comfy" warm pants and a light jacket....I'm a bit chilled not being under the covers. I love this kind of weather! The sun is shinning so brightly, the grass is green and the wind is blowing! I'm keeping my house open all day long!!
My youngest son, John, asked if he could sleep on the porch. We have a screened in side porch that my sister, Renee, dubbed as the "passion pit"...don't even ask!! Let me see if I can find a picture of it, bummer! Can't find one. We lost our computer over a year ago and I lost lots of pictures and files. Maybe I will retake a picture of the porch.
So, back to John sleeping on the porch. He went up in the attic and brought down the cot, set it up, sheets, blankets and all. Now sometime during the night, he must have decided it was either too cold or uncomfortable because when I got up at 6:15am he was not on the porch, but in his bed.
Today, I'm going to try to tackle several things....lets see how much I can accomplish. Normally these cool temps inspire me to work. I hope it does today!
Happy sewing everyone!

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  1. I try to keep a sketch book just for quilting next to "my chair" so when inspiration strikes I can sketch. Okay, I have no quilting design software, and I really can't draw, but that doesn't keep me from trying anyhow. Who knows maybe someday :)