Tuesday, December 13, 2011

oh me oh my....

It has been a month since I posted in my blog! I knew I was behind so I guess it is time to catch up.
I've been working my fingers to the bone! I had an order to make 14 pillowcases out of the Maxine (old grumpy lady cartoon character) fabric!! What a blast that was. I took one to church and showed all my friends, they loved the Maxine-iums.
Well let me see, what have I finished since my last post:
2 quilts for Quilter's World magazine, customer quilts (longarm quilting), a couple of baby quilts....oh yes, we moved a friend's son into our home....he should be moving back home in about a month...should be sooner rather than later....Kate moved back home...ok, that makes 6 kids now..total of 8 people living in our home.....plus my 4 birds.
Yesterday I could not take the stress of all that was going on our home and I let everyone have a little piece of my mind. Funny thing, when I woke all these 15-25yr old kids up and called a family meeting before 9am....well lets just say I think they were not happy with me, but they took me pretty serious...and they worked their butts off in this house getting it back in order. The chaos and the absolute mess that my house turned into turned me into a not so nice person. I got my office back, Kate is no longer sleeping in here....John and Steve are now sharing a room (they did not want to though...tough!) Josh went to the basement spare room (not a bedroom) oh yes, Kate got her own room with a bathroom.....Steve was gracious enough and totally understood that I had to make him give up his room for Kate.
I could not take Kate being in the office. I could not get any work done. Matter of fact, I feel like it was the reason that I did not get some designs accepted. I could not get into my office to focus and design. My sewing room is a disaster. I made room for kate down there too. She said she wanted to "create" .....did not happen...oh wait, one or two days she came down to sew, the rest of the days she was watching tv. sigh......now she works at Toby Keith's Bar and Grill and loves it! I'm so happy she got this job! She wanted a "career" change, well she got it. She was working at Wells Fargo. She is a happy girl!
On a very sad note, my sister Gail lost her battle to colon cancer this past weekend. I will miss her!  I would like to be able to go see my other sister Renee as soon as possible. We are all that is left of our family.
Happy note: lets see if I've got anything from quilting I can post.....

I like this one! I will be making on similar for a magazine! Just waiting on the fabrics to arrive.....

Happy Sewing everyone!!


  1. My deepest sympathies for your loss of your sister. When we lose someone who is that close to us it reminds us that our time here is only borrowed from God.
    Glad that your extended family is pitching in and helping you out.