Friday, October 21, 2011


I'm so glad its Friday! I have no reason other than ITs FRIDAY! I'm hoping the rain goes away and it turns out to be a sunny day. The weather man said the clouds were going to go away and we should see some sunshine today.....winter is coming though....

Yesterday I pieced about 50 blocks for neice's quilt. Today, I have to press all seams open, I know this is such exciting news for you to read. There is something exciting though, while I was pressing the seams open I got this urge to come check email. It was about 5:30pm. So, I came upstairs to check my email and there was an email I've been waiting for. Actually, I had convinced myself that my quilt pattern had not been accepted since I have not heard anything so I was expecting a reject letter/email. I was wrong! My quilt was accepted, F&P accepted another one of my quilts!! How Sweet!!
I don't have all the details yet, that will come soon.
Today, I will be heading over to Sew Many Things for their Open House event. They want past students, who have completed projects to come in and show off to prospective new students. Pam showed me how to recover a cushion with welting. Pam is a great teacher! So, I'm going to bring my cushion.
No pictures to post, sorry....
Happy Sewing!

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