Friday, October 28, 2011

oh me oh my

Yep, our first Frost! Son Joe found out early this morning that there was frost last night...he was not a happy camper! Next weekend, first weekend of November, we will be setting our clocks back an hour. UGH! That messes with my sleep.
Yesterday I was able to finish a customer's quilt on the longarm machine, pinned a second one, but never got back down to my sewing room. This morning I will work a little bit on a quilt that is due for a magazine and then I will finish up customer's quilt on the machine.
I think by the end of the weekend we will have to do some "winterizing" of the house/yard. The side porch glass needs to be put back in so screens get taken downstairs to storage. I will have to clean that porch too....I will need to remember to clean the front porch, I have some empty pots that need to be taken care of. For the last several years in this house, I have not done anything to "winterize", I keep telling myself...oh you've got time...go do something else...then winter hits....I don't like snow and cold so winterizing did not get done. I would like to decorate this year too, don't know if it will happen. Most of the time I have to make myself get up and just do something...I would rather be sewing.
This past Tuesday, I cleaned up the office. I boxed up 5 boxes of books (2 book shelves), had the boys take all the boxes to the attic. I also had boxes in my sewing room that needed to be taken to the attic. DONE! Got rid of lots of paper too. Now to take the bags of paper to the recycle bin and get them out the house. Cleaning up the office felt good too! I was able to hang 3 pictures and a quilt in here.  I'm enjoying this room, now to get the carpets bring out the kirby!
Once I emptied those book shelves I had the boys carry the 2 book shelving units to my sewing room. I'm always looking for better ways to organize my room. About 2 weeks ago I purchased three cone/spool holders at JoAnn's. 2 of them are cone holders and 1 is a regular spool holder. I now have my cone holders on top of the 2 shelves with all my thread in my sight. Next I have to hang my spool holder, but I have to reorganize another area before I do that.
The previous owners did not know how to hang pictures and such. They used HUGE nails and screws. They hung an acording style coat holder right outside my sliding glass doors in the sewing room with 2 HUGE nails and I cannot budge them out of the wall!!! I don't how they secured them, nothing will pry them loose!! I would love to get rid of this thing because my spool holders need to go there....oh well...I will have to figure something else out. We've been in this house for 4 years and I still can't figure it out! LOL
I've been designing with my eq7. I'm going to submit two designs over the weekend and next week...I need to tweak the quilts first then submit.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Happy Sewing!

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