Saturday, April 30, 2011

Today at the quilt shoppe

Today I had an absolute wonderful day at the quilt shop teaching my Friendship Rings quilt. I had 5 students, I knew 4 of them and I think I have a new friend...the one I did not know. And!! Carolyn was there!! I was so shocked to see her!!! Carolyn is the owner of the shop and is now the new editor of Quilter's World magazine.  I have not seen her in about a month or longer. I was so happy to see her today.
If you are coming back to my blog to get the rest of the pattern for Dahlia Blooms, I deleted the steps. Why? Because I felt someone was going to try to copy this and take credit for it. I will be releasing the pattern soon, so if you are interested in purchasing it, let me know. Just drop me a line.
I've submitted the quilt pattern/design to a magazine already, hopefully I will from them in about a month.
Later y'all...

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