Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm back home!

I'm back home from a ten day trip to the Carolinas! Oh how I miss my sisters and extended family from there!! I wish we all lived closer! My neice, Ashley and her fianc'e (spelling?), Greg, were married on April 16. The wedding was beautiful and very elegant. Ashley is not a flashy person and her wedding showed just how elegant and simple she is. I absolutely loved it! I'm very impressed by her new hubby too. When we were all at the hotel the day after their wedding Greg was the only one who blessed his food before eating. Now that is a southern gentleman!
This past weekend I pieced a new quilt, I'm calling the pattern Dahlia Blooms. This quilt was inspired by two people's techniques: Billy Lauder and Cathy Wierzbicki. Cathy's book is Geometric Gems. I don't know the name of Billy Lauder's book or pattern that this technique came out of. I was told by my friend Dawn, that Billy used this cutting piecing technique in one of her books/patterns. She scanned me a copy last night just so that I could compare the technique. So, needless to say, I can't take credit for the techinique, but the two combined methods make a beautiful quilt...at least I think so!
So, what do you think of the quilt? Hmmm, I hope the image isn't too blury.
I think I'm going to pursue publishing my own patterns. The more I think about it the more I don't want a magazine to "own" my pattern and I no longer benefit from it financially.  I need to insert here that I've got a second pattern that I submitted to a different magazine than the first pattern...this magazine reserves all rights....The first magazine returns all rights. I like this better. I still love the other magazine though, and no I will not say which magazine it is.
I have great news!! My sister Gail, is now in remission of her colon cancer!!! Praise the Lord!!  Gail had stage 4 colon cancer and I know she was scared!! And I know she is now relieved that her battle is over. I'm going to pray that the cancer does not come back!!!
One more thing: my truck is now back on the road again! lol...her name is Big Red ;o) I love my truck! My husband, my hero, had to replace the ball joints and U-joints this past weekend. The parts cost us $500. My husband being the great engineer/mechanic that he is saved us $1,000 by doing the work himself. Thank you honey!!!
Well it is off to work now!!
To my followers: drop me a line telling me what you are up to!! I love reading our comments!!


  1. Oh my gosh! I love the blues and the greens!! Gorgeous!! These colors work so great together. I'm thinking it would look sweet with pink and yellow too... mmmm yummy

  2. I came over from QuiltvilleChat group so will answer your question first. Scrappy would be wonderful. These colors are elegant so the scrappy would change it some but it would be sooo fun! This one is beautiful! I'll agree in prayer with you about Gail! My Hubby is a cancer survivior too! He's also a budget saver with repairs. We are blessed, aren't we? I'm going to follow your blog now and will enjoy reading your previous posts. Hugs!

  3. Scrappy would look great too although I might have it "part" scrappy. Keep the light the same and do all the darks differently. You might ask the magazines (esp) the one that reserves all rights whether they ever buy patterns with limited rights. Because my guess is some of the top designers do not sell total rights to their patterns. Good luck with your endeavors.

  4. I can envision Dahlia Blooms in color families--each "bloom" made up of many fabrics in one color (where you have the greens, the blues, and the whites).

  5. Very nice! You asked for opinions about how this would look made up scrappy. I think scrappy would be good as long as you keep a distinct separation of values. I also think it would be good made with solid black and brights!

  6. Another Quiltville groupie here - I was thinking this would look sensational in a sort-of-scrappy colourway - it could be as simple as sorting your fabrics into hot colours and cold colours - and then using either a black or white background - my personal taste would be for black, as it REALLY makes colours pop, whereas white can wash them out. Have fun!

  7. Thank you everyone for your support on this Dahlia Blooms quilt pattern. I am going to begin publishing it. I have to figure out how to draw the images....sometimes that is the hardest part, I know how to do this in my head but to put it to paper/computer is another huge task!
    Thanks again everyone!