Thursday, January 31, 2013

Windy day! Feature day too!!

Man is the weather crazy here lately!! 
For the past couple of days, here in Michigan, we have had very mild temps-upper 40's to 50's....not normal here...last night a front began moving through...oh man did "old man winter return"!! The wind is howling! I will have to bundle up today.
Great news: I get to represent YLI thread! I'm very excited! I used their thread a while back when I arrived home from a trip to my home town, Rock Hill, SC. Here is an image of my work:

I had fun!!
Since today my blog is being featured with I thought I show off my pictures. If you would like to go visit their blog there is a link to the right, just click on the Quiltstory picture.
Here are the magazines and books my work has been featured in, in the past 2 years:
Quilter's World, Fons & Porter Scrap Quilts & Easy Quilts, Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks vol 5 (and a new issue coming out in the spring), Quiltmaker's Quilts From 100 Blocks and Quilty
Here is the book I would like to giveaway...
Books: all through Annie's Publishing, which by the way, I have a give away that I am about to launch. I have a book that I would like to giveaway to someone. I have 3 quilts in this book. I will randomly choose a number from my comments and that quilter will be contacted!! Please leave me a comment and follow my blog.


See! It made the cover!!

Here is my first quilt that was accepted, and it made the cover of the magazine
How exciting is that?!
I have 4 more quilts with Fons and Porter, I can't show images of them yet. One is a Quilt of Valor, 1 I'm working on right now, and then I have one more that I am working on that will be for the later part of this is another scrappy quilt that I made that was in their Scrap Quilts from this past fall: Blackford's Beauty:
See, my quilt is to the left! It is actually  sitting right next to me on the bed in the room I'm in...I think I need to take a picture of it...another one of those "I forgot moments" I forgot to take a picture of it!!

This is the back of the Drunkard's Path quilt that I was asked to make for Quilty magazine: 
This quilt will be in issue 4. The top image of the quilt is when everyone was voting on the cover for the magazine, I have no idea if I made the cover or not. I did not design this quilt, I was asked to make it by F&P. I love love love my quilting!! I was totally shocked when I had completed the quilting, took the quilt off the longarm machine and flipped it over to check out the back! Total shock!!

This is one of the quilts that is in Quilter's World magazine. I can't show you much more of the ones I have for this magazine, the magazines have not been released yet. 
This was the first quilt accepted by Quilter's World, I believe this was in the Jan/Feb 2011

I don't have a quilt on this cover, I just made this issue!! My quilt is below...see? I called it the orange beast!!

Well everyone!! Have a wonderful day! Stay warm and bundle up!! I'm freezing here in Michigan!


  1. Let me be the first to post about your work. I am constantly amazed (and a little jealous) of your magnificent quilts. Your choice of color and your quilting designs are outstanding. I specifically love your scrappy quilts.

  2. I am amazed at you beautiful work! I have to say to say you ar very talented. I am a new follower.

    1. Hi Lisa and welcome! Thank you for following me!