Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It is bitter cold today!

Yes, it is bitter cold! Temperature is 0degrees, with -25degree wind chills!! And I have to go do 2 errands!! Dang I want to stay home and not leave the house!
Today, once I get back home I will have to figure out how to sew and not end up in pain! I don't know exactly what to do other than get up every hour and stretch. I must be sitting wrong and that is why I am in pain.
Today, I'm still working on my quilt that is due to F&P, I can't seem to sit long enough without being in pain. I have to figure this out.
so please send me some suggestions!!!
Thank you!!!


  1. Where is your pain at? Is it triggered from sitting in your sewing chair or is it with any chair? What makes it quit hurting? Give me some details to work with here girlie. :)

    1. HI Jeanne, my pain is in my neck and it radiates out both side to my shoulders, mainly my left side. I ended up rearranging my sewing area and I am making sure that I am sitting directly centered with the needle when sewing. Also, I'm getting up more often and moving around the room. I never realized just how much we look "down" when we are sewing! We look down for cutting, ironing, quilting, piecing....my neck was just over stressed.
      Any other suggestions?