Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm up for cover!!!

OH my goodness!! My quilt that I made for Quilty magazine is up for cover!!! I love love love this quilt!! Here is the story behind how this quilt came about.
I have had a few quilts accepted for publication with Fons and Porter ( along with Quilter's World magazine, Quiltmaker magazine, and Annie's Publishing) in the last couple of years. I love all these magazines!!! Anyway, the editor that I have been working with on F&P, I'm assuming, likes my work. She contacted me and asked if I would have time to piece a quilt for Quilty magazine. Quilty is Mary Fons' baby, she is Marianne Fons' daughter. I said, "sure!" The first quilt I pieced for them was a flannel brick quilt, sorry I forgot to take pictures...oops!! Then about a month later I heard from the editor again and she asked if I would have time to piece a couple more for them, they were not big quilts. I would love to! So fabric arrived and templates for the drunkards path. BUT, not in a timely manner. LOL There were for some reason issues with the fabric manufacturer getting fabric too me!! This is not good!! When you have deadlines, you need these things....fabric...asap!! Deadlines were approaching!! Especially when this is a last minute filler!! no fabric!! I had templates! but no fabric! SO!!! The editor and I kept in good contact, I'm feel pretty certain she was "hot on the trail" of figuring out what was going on and where was the fabric. Finally all arrived and I began working!
Guess what? I had never pieced a curved seam!!! Never made a drunkard's path quilt before....hahaha, don't tell the editor please!!! LOL I made up a few mock blocks to practice and away I went! I have determination that can really get me into trouble! LOL But! I finished this quilt. And you know what? The entire time I was working on it I had this great feeling.
So, there were other issues that came up with working on this quilt. I had a HUGE advanced level quilt that I was piecing for another magazine. I can't tell you why, but the deadlines for this quilt was moved up by 2 weeks!! This was a paper pieced don't paper piece quickly....let alone quilt and bind quickly when it is going into a magazine. The pressure was on!! And I mean the pressure was on!!! I contacted both editors and they worked with me on deadlines!! Thank you!!! I can't show you this quilt because it will not be out until the later part of this year.
So here are some more pics of the drunkard's path quilt, I fell in love with!! I'm also teaching this at the Village Quilt Shoppe pretty soon. This quilt is also going to be used for a demo with a national teacher on QNN. How cool is that?!!!
love love love!!

white fabric, white thread

Soooo Cool!!!
This is the back of the quilt, all the white thread is from the white pieces on the front of the fabric. I used 2 threads with this quilt, black thread for all the black pieces and white thread for the white pieces. The backing of the quilt was solid black fabric!! Look how awesome my drawings turned out!!!

Here is a pic of the front, this is a black unit with black thread.
All of this quilting is all free drawing (no computer) that I do!!! I sooooo love drawing my quilting machine!!
I have to confess, when you look at the front of the quilt you have no idea what to expect when you turn the quilt over and look at the back. I remember when I took this quilt off the longarm machine, I was just standing there checking out all my work on the front of the quilt and thinking, "wow this was a lot of work, I hope they like it."

So, my quilt is up for cover on Quilty magazine. I don't know if you can still vote for it or not, if the voting is still open as of today (January 18, 2013) you can go to Quilty on Facebook, "like"  Quilty and find the quilt. I do hope I make the cover, but if not, the journey was worth it!!!
Happy Sewing everyone!!!

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  1. Congrats on this gorgeous quilt. Your quilting is wonderful!