Monday, January 21, 2013

A little bird whispered...

A little bird whispered in my ear this morning, "its Monday, and it is very cold outside, please scratch my neck and keep me warm today." That would be my little sweet bird, Lily. She is a gray and yellow cockatiel. I written about her before on my blog, she is a very sweet little bird and just wants to be loved on. She will snuggle with you all day long if you let her. She likes to put her little head right in the cleft of your chin and chirp very quietly so you will scratch her neck....but once you start, she won't let you stop!! LOL

Quilting: This weekend I worked on my quilt due to F&P. I so far behind on it!! I hate this! I want the quilt done! Not that I hate the quilt, I love love love the quilt, can't reveal it of course!! But I am so ready to put the quilt on the longarm machine and do my "magic" Or make it sing! I've been drawing out some new machine quilting designs that I would like to put on this quilt, hopefully they will fit the quilt. Can't show the designs either :o)

On Saturday I was watching my sweet little grand daughter, AnnaLynne. She is 6 months old now and just a delight to have around. Sometimes I still can't believe I'm a grand mother!! Wouldn't trade it for the world though!! All of her uncles love her to death! They all get excited when they find out she is coming over or they come home from work and look, "Anna is here!"

I have received word from a different editor that I have another acceptance!! I love this! 
(you know what is so great about this, in addition to the acceptance, I don't have to piece anything...they already have it!)

Yesterday after church we had a couple come over for dinner, Sunday dinner that is. I made a roast, potatoes and carrots...oh and biscuits...can't forget the sweat tea and salad. Robin and Dale came over and we chatted for a good while at the table after dinner was finished. Robin is an artist, her work is beautiful!! Dale is a photographer, we call him the bird man! He is always posting pics of birds on facebook. We asked them to come over to take pictures of me for my project, my HUGE project that I can't breathe a word about yet!! OH this is killing me!!! Dale did a fantastic job with photographing me,  I can't wait to see the cd and send my pics to the publishing company.

At the end of the month, Thursday, January 31,  will be featuring my blog! Stay tuned!! 

Well my quilting friends, I must get off the computer and start sewing!

I will be making this quilt soon...anyone want to make it with me...? lol
Please have a wonderful day

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