Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pigeon Forge Here I come!

Mountain Quiltfest quilt show is being held March 12-16, you can visit the website to go check out their details:
I will be working with YLI Thread Corp training on how to be a representative for them. I really like their thread for piecing and longarm quilting. I will be using their thread in my work from here on out. I visited YLI while I was in Rock Hill, SC (my home town). Jim was very nice and sent me home with 5 cones of longarm quilting thread and 2 spools of piecing thread. I was very pleased with the way everything turned out.
Back in October/November I was asked by F&P to if I could piece 2 quilts for them. I had no idea what the one quilt would bring to me. It was a black and white drunkard's path. I have never pieced a curve seam with success, but I was not about to admit to that!! Sheesh, I can figure it out! I do have an "I can conquer the world" attitude sometimes and it really really gets me into some messes!! You would think I would learn, but hey, I do learn and I chalk it up to experience whether I win or loose.
So, here is the post about this quilt:

This quilt is being published in Quilty magazine!! I believe issue number 4, which is being released next month. Please visit Quilty magazine at:
If you are wondering about the quilting on my drunkard's path quilt, it is NOT computer digitized designs, it is all my own free drawing. love it love it love it! 
Presently, I'm working on a couple of large projects: one is for a publishing company, I'm not allowed to say so just stay tuned to my blog for some exciting news!! I will be able to reveal in June. I also have 2 quilt projects in the works for 2 different magazines. I love creating!! I love piecing.
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Happy Sewing everyone!

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