Monday, January 7, 2013

New year, great things to come!

Good morning everyone! Yes, this is a New Year...I'm trying to convince myself this is a good morning! At 6:30am when I opened up the kitchen cabinet to retrieve a coffee cup/mug one fell from the top shelf onto my hand! I, of course, had no idea what was happening, I was still sleepy!! The mug fell on my right hand little pinky and cracked my nail!!! My gel nail! dang does it hurt!! I chose to wrap my finger in a bandaid to protect it until I can get to the shop for repair.
Now, on a different note, yes, I have advertising on my blog. Yes, I am promoting Annie's, I love Annie's!! I have lots of work in Annie's publications. So when I find great deals on their products I want to share it with my readers. So please don't be offended by the adds. I choose them wisely!
And besides....I have a wonderful surprise for y'all come the later part of this year! I can't wait till I can share!!
Do you see the large ad for the book for beginner quilters? I teach this quilt/book all year long. I'm always starting a new class every other month. This is a fantastic book to purchase for a friend who wants to begin quilting or if you need a refresher course.

Lots to do today! Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

By the way, I often put up on facebook my "dinner" for the day. What is your favorite dinner or meal that you like to prepare?

And do any of you watch PBS Masterpiece Theater? Season 3's premier of Downton Abbey was last night! I loved it!!

Happy Monday folks!!

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