Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why oh why do we quilt?

So, can you answer that question? What makes you want to sew? What makes you want to create? Do you get an adrenaline rush when you pull into the parking lot of the quilt shop? or, see that "perfect" fabric, that you must caress, touch, hold, carry around the store in your arms so that no one else can have the fabric? What about thread? Do you get excited from seeing all the threads and what you could possibly do with it?
What inspires you? Is it nature? Someone else's pattern? Is it something that is in your surroundings example: curtains, rugs?
Now, this question was posed on one of the yahoo email groups I belong to: Who taught you how to sew?
So, did you take classes? Did one of your friends beg and plead you to come take a class with them and if you did not like it then you never had to do it again...and as it turned out, you were the one hooked!! and not your friend?!! LOL
Did you take home ec when you were in school? Did you love it or hate it?
Are any of you self taught?
Even after taking lots of classes do you feel confident to tackle things on your own?

How about choosing fabrics? Can you do this? Do you prefer to purchase kits? This way the colors are already chosen for you and you should not have any waste? That means, no scrap stash!! But for some that is exactly what they prefer. Me, I love my stash! Do I use it? Sad to say not very often...why is that?

So, why do we quilt?....that is the ? of the day..........

Happy Sewing! Love to hear from you!!

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